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Don't Lose It All, Time to Get Data [Teaser]

After the previous intense drama within Nick and Amy was cut short, the next episode is coming up. It seems to be a bumpy roller coaster ride for the both of them especially when Joe finally walks into the scene.

If only Nick have heard of data plans (because we are like living in the era of internet, without it we will all practically die lol) Amy wouldn't had to go through all the mental frustrations and endless list of questions on why Nick isn't replying her.

Will Amy finally have the courage to move on with life and leave Nick behind like how he left her to go overseas?
And a ring? Who will finally propose to Amy? Tons of questions to be answered, but will it finally be unveiled in the next episode that is due to be released on the 18th January 2013?
Who knows what future lies ahead for the 3 friends, so stay tuned with Xpax!

Watch this teaser as the story slowly unfolds itself ;-)

Time to dail *128# to sign up with Celcom Xpax today.

Cherish every moment you have, you will never know you might loose it all one day ;-)
Only with Xpax ♥




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