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Nuffnang CNY : Sneak Peak

We all know CNY is less than a week away from now and everyone is already in the mood to celebrate it! :-P

We from Nuffnang Fashion Fabuluos and Nuffnang Shutterbugs group is also sharing the CNY spirit by organizing a mini shoot yesterday at Tian Hou Gong (bumped into lots of other models and photographers doing their shoot there too lol we need moarrrr shooting locations. Rawr.)

Group photo by Nuffnang's instagram

So here is a sneak peak from the shoot, some of you guys might have seen it on my instagram already though lol. If you have not, do follow me on Instagram - Arisa_Chow 
I update live from there :3 ~ nyaoooo

Setapak babes in da house! ♥ Lenglui Reiko & I in our 1st outfit sponsored by Cove

2nd outfit also by cove! Really love their Cheongsams ♥  
Picture re-instagramed from Reiko 

Not to mention half way through the shoot we bumped into Dato Jimmy Choo at the temple! He was there recording for his CNY TV show (I forgot which channel @_@ think it was TV2 or TV3, airing on the eve of CNY at 9pm)

As usual, after the shoot had to rush off to Damansara Uptown to have a meeting, thank god wasn't late despite a few delays lol :-P Having lunch at my favorite Salad Bar *yummy* Starving throughout the whole shoot because I had my breakfast at 4am in the morning XD

This is their new menu specially for CNY, limited time only :-D It's very sweet and a slight taste of sourness, not your average savory salad.

Last sneak peak photo before I sign off :-P Full photos coming soon!
Please excuse my fat arms T_T

Thank you everyone for the fun day of photoshooting :-) We should do this for Christmas as well :-P lols!

Wishing everyone a prosperous Chinese New Year!
Hissss your way through a successful 2013 :-P 

P/S: Was thinking maybe sometime before CNY I should do another shoot with a real snake :-/ hmm...oh well. See how la lol :-P




LauraLeia said...

Babe, you do NOT have fat arms! :O
You and Reiko were absolutely at the shoot yesterday. :D Can't wait to see the photos!

LauraLeia said...

*absolutely gorgeous :D

Arisa Chow said...

Haha okay la, not fat.. just NOT WELL TONED :-P

Jean said...

Gorgeous!!! Love the cheongsam toooo!! But it seems only fit size 0! Both of u so slim and it fits so well!

Henry Tan said...

wow sexy backkkkk!!

Xue Ren said...

wow! u look extremely gorgeous in cheongsam!!! :D

illy ariffin said...

happy cny in advance :)

Arisa Chow said...

Hahah you should visit cove shop in Damansara Uptown (beside baskin robbins) their cheongsam comes in alot of sizes :D

Arisa Chow said...

thank you :-P

Arisa Chow said...

Thank you dear! Every girl would look good in a cheongsam as it accentuate the figure ;)

Arisa Chow said...

Thanks Illy! same to you ;)

Yuh Jiun said...

Love the cheongsam much! And you're not fatttttttt! hehe pretty :D

prince n princess mum said...

Nice photo shoot! You looks so lovely in the cheongsam..

Arisa Chow said...

check them out at Cove, damansara uptown! :D
i'm not, my arms are haha! thanks dear :)

Arisa Chow said...

Thanks dearie! :) Happy CNY!

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