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Oh the attention i'm getting! Stop it ya'll *blush*  Can't believe i'm actually sharing this post but yeah..think dee...

Harper's BAZAAR's April Limited Edition Issue!

This month Harper's BAZAAR is a HUGE box of surprises :-) If you are a Harper's BAZAAR reader, make sure not to miss out on their limited edition boxes!
And it's while stocks last, after seeing them update on their facebook page so happen i was in Curve :-P Headed directly straight to Borders and got myself a copy of this magazine but ended up buying OmNom plushies and 2 novels >.< 

At least the book voucher came in handy and Borders is now having promotion for selected titles buy 1 full price, get 2nd book 50% off :-D

They are selling out fast especially in Borders The Curve. The moment i got hold of my box and headed to the cashier to pay there was like 6 other girls in line with the boxes as well LOL :-P

Couldn't resists OmNom from the android game, Cut the rope  ♥ /slaps self
Thank God they were on discount! :-)


It's really worth it for RM15 because you get a VERY good quality storage box and extra stuff too!
Unless you are not a Harper's BAZAAR reader then this wouldn't be much to you except an extra unnecessary expenditure lol :-P

All this inside that thick heavy box (i think it weigh close to 2 kg @_@) I had a hard time dragging it back all the way to setapak via public transport.

LAVIN ME smells so good that I wished I knew about it while i was in Langkawi! :-( Could have gotten this full size at a cheaper price compared to KL, since Langkawi is duty free XD

Have you gotten your's yet? ;-)
*Remember ladies! While Stocks Last! ♥ *




Sherry said...

Omg so nice Aiya me in pd nw.. Ching meng

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