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Sneak Peak : Gloomy Skies and Silver Linings

Ignore the blogpost title lol, didn't know what to write so I randomly conjure something up :-P
I haven't been myself lately, and day by it seems to be getting worst.. I really do hope it is just a passing phrase and it will be over soon.
Today's shoot was kinda impromptu between me and Blur from NaNeee? Photography
but both of us knew what we wanted for the theme today, that was "EMO" lol something that displays both our feelings at the moment. Yea..two emo people meet so explains why the whole area was surrounded with rain clouds lol

Random photo, just like the "tunnel" lighting effect :-)

 Both of us were out of the scene for quite some time, so when blur approached me to do a shoot I was more than glad to agree since it was casual anyway (not much effort needed to dressing up lol) Blur was one of my fav cosplay photographers that I've worked with back then before i went on hiatus >.<

Can't wait for the outcome photos! Don't worry Blur, I always have faith in your photography skills ;-) *winks* support gao gao!

Remember this super duper old photo? 
Gawd..Looking at this really makes me feel damn old oTL I think i was like 16 back then?

Our shooting location, no prize if you can guess where this tunnel is located :-P 

Dinner was subway AGAIN. L.O.L. Because I just had subway for lunch yesterday >.< I broke my subway eating record this month liao. Guess I won't be seeing another subway salad for a week or two or even better until end of the month! Haha~ Thank you Blur for belanja-ing dinner as well, next round steak and cheese is on me! XD
I have to admit that Line Camera Has the cutest emoticons ever!♥ Emo Chicken ish emo :-P

Today's #ootd for the photoshoot :-) 

 Top: EMODA inspired, 
Skirt: :self made, 
Ombre leggings: Oh-Temptations
Handbag: DazzlingCouture
Shoes: Elfin Treats
Hat: Cotton on. 

Thanks blur for helping me take the photos! ;-)

Sneak Peak Photo :-)

More coming soon(๑・ω-)~♥” 
Make sure to support Blur by liking his new photography page!



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