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Food Benefits for Malaysian Voters [Lol Post]

I know the voting is tomorrow and I'm slow to highlight this promotions, but hey it's never too late to do a summarized list for those who don't know about it since after talking to a few people around me, not many of them are aware of these ongoing promotions selected food outlets are having in conjunction of tomorrow's voting date. Lol.

Hope this helps lessen the headache of searching! :-)
But be prepared to queue and face massive human jam tomorrow! Most of all be safe as I've heard alot on hooligan cases happening around both parties -_-lll 

I'm only listing out the ones I know around KL/ Selangor areas, if there are more feel free to leave in the comment box below :-) Thank you!

My verdict on the Election :
Though I'm not eligible to vote, how am I suppose to even vote for you guys when neither one of you can behave like proper grown adults? Bribes, picking fights, throwing false accusations and the list of childish behavior goes on. You want my vote?
Politicians should start straightening themselves out first before thinking of straightening the country (¬_¬) Typical budak kecik. Seriously. *rolls eyes*




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