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[J Pop Corner] Ishizawa Giveaway Results!

Thank you so much everyone for participating in my very first J Pop Corner Giveaway! :-)

Entries here: Click Me to View
You girls are so awesome! Time to announce the lucky winners~ ♥

Winners are picked at random using   application, have to thank a good friend of mine for making all the bloggers life much easier with her amazing discoveries.
Thank you Tammy from plusizekitten.com for introducing this awesome app! ^.^ Now organizing a giveaway is much easier and neater *hugs*

Congratulations to our 2 (two) lucky Winners! :-)




Do remember to look out for my winning email dears (check your spam folders as well)! I'll be sending them out by this week :-) Sorry for the delay, been caught up with alot of work *eeks* >_<

For those who did not win, don't feel down hearted k? *hugs*

I will be having more giveaways soon since the month of June is around the corner *winks* ;-) *hints hints* lol




TheJessicat.com said...

Pretty eyeliner! :)

Isabel said...

yayyyy thank you Lisa!

Tammy Miu said...

congrats Isabel and Jojo!

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