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Holika Holika Baby Silky Hand & Foot Mask Giveaway Results

As usual I have to apologize for the overdue giveaway results! Sincerely sorry girls *bows*
Really need to start sacrificing my sleep again if I were to catch up with my blogging, but I know my mistakes last semester. Health comes first no matter what >.<
Somehow I wish the day has more than just 24 hours:-(

Time to announce our lucky winner for the Holika Holika Baby Silky Hand & Foot Mask Giveaway!

Who can it be?
Click to Find out! ;-)

Do look out for my email soon and make sure to reply it dear.

Thank you all for participating in this giveaway, if you have not won do not worry! I have more giveaways planned for my dear readers, just need the time to post them up T__T *sobs* Please bear with me ya *bows*




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