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Vanity Trove Perks!

Aside from meeting all your  monthly surprise beauty needs, did you know that Vanity Trove also rewards their members for their reviews/feedbacks? :-)
It also works something like a Facebook mass group where you can add and interact/share with people of the same interest as you~
Time to fill in your VT profile and starts socializing dearies!

You can add me up as well ^.^ Just click "follow" and I'll follow you back in return~

They also have full sized beauty products are up for grabs monthly and you wouldn't want to miss it! :-P 

All you have to do is just fill in your wishlist on your profile and send in your reviews on Vanity Trove's page to stand a higher winning chance, who knows you might be the next lucky winner of the month to walk home with your full size dream product.
Aside from just being santa, VT is now taking over fairy godmother's job lol 
Looks like those 2 are out of jobs :-P 

Last but not least VT also have monthly fun filled activities for all the beauties out there and it's called the Pink Carpet event specially for VT members.

This Saturday (29th June) it's K-Palette workshop featuring Inagaki-san from Japan. You wouldn't want to miss this opportunity to learn from A renowned makeup artist with more than 14 years of experience and not only that with the participant fee you pay, RM80 you will receive a goodie bag worth RM170!
That is like double the money you pay for the workshop, totally worth it!

Click here to pay and lock down your slot: http://bit.ly/10MHmPx

I'm a huge fan of K-palette myself, you can read about my previous reviews here :

Website :

Facebook :




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