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Summer with Pink N' Proper

Summer woes about not being able to find a suitable swim suit to flaunt? :-/ 
I have that issue too, you might say I'm skinny what is there to worry about.
But skinny people do have their woes too y'know (-_-lll) I don't have fabulous abs to flaunt, but I'm working on it so thank god for high waisted bikinis :-D

High quality material, unique designs, thickly padded with supporting underwire too!
How happy I am to have finally found such bikinis after years of searching (I'm not kidding) seriously shit when i mentioned i can never find a bikini that actually makes me look good lol wtf.
The downside of being too skinny, you become BOOBLESS, ASSLESS, ABLESS and the list goes on lol. 

And great news too, stand a chance to win 50% discount for your dream bikini

Contest deadline : 31st August 2013

Facebook: Pink N' Proper

Good luck! (๑・ω-)~♥”




Lamey X said...

This gave me bikini inspiration haha! Thank you! Followed your blog via GFC x

Check out my blog! - lameyy.blogspot.co.uk

Arisa Chow said...

thanks dear!:)
Followed you back too<3

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