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Pink October Hauls

Breast cancer awareness month, so think when you think about the color Pink...think of those who were unfortunate. A small public awareness makes a big difference in our society, so those days of ignorance have gone to past because now more and more women are aware of this silent threat that haunts us. A potential life threat that none of us expect till the very last stage >.<

Every store you walk pass now is having their "Pink Sale" in conjuction of the Breast Cancer Awareness month, and so happen my favourite store- Sasa (ironically also pink) has an ongoing sale that is waaaay to hard to resists! >.<

I know i have tons of cosmetics but when it comes to certain things like lower lashes and hard to find designs upper lashes, i just cant ignore it D:
I mean..how often do you get them at such good prices? When you need them urgently you always end up paying full price for it (which sucks). But when you least expect to use it, it goes on sale for a dirt cheap price -_-;; What the...

Kiss Me false lashes @ RM16 (30% off) which is awesomely cheap for such good quality reusable lashes. With proper caring can use up to more than 10 times!

I always subconsciously step into Sasa just to browse even though i have nothing to purchase in particular, but last Saturday was my lucky day woots~ 
All my favorite Japanese cosmetics brands were on sale, and not just any 10% discount :-P
Discounts up to 50% off ranging from Kiss Me, K-Palette, BCL and Heavy Rotation.
Got to know about BCL with no regrets all thanks to Tanabe-san:D Read about my awesome hands on workshop, featuring BCL products: http://www.arisachow.com/2013/09/bcl-date-with-tanabe-san.html

This is the best time to bring your girlfriends, siblings or mother shopping 

So my motto "Buy first, think later" lol, learn from the TFM guys *troll face*

Such a rare find of 04 design!!! *shiawase*

Been searching high and low for these babies since they stop producing them, they were one of my
best moments trying on Kiss Me products lol I still remember my first post *nostalgia*: http://www.arisachow.com/2012/03/sparkling-eyes-of-love.html

And I even used it in my Hotel Transylvania make up tutorial last year: http://www.arisachow.com/2012/10/mavis-hotel-transylvania-makeup-tutorial.html 

First thing i did after getting home was to try the bottom lashes on :D

More details on this competition here: http://www.arisachow.com/2013/10/shape-up-with-collistar.html




Mieza Everdeen said...

Arisa, now you really make me wanna go raid SaSa tomorrow! I went there yesterday but couldn't really browse through coz the salesgirl kept on tailing me and asking me do I need the thing and start recommending, on every single thing I touch =_='' I didn't realize BCL too is on sale, I really love their gel liner and gradation eyeshadow. But yesterday at the outlet I went, the price tag was actual price, not the sale price.

Arisa Chow said...

Hehe! Must share the love babe ^^
Yea.. sasa salesgirls can be quite annoying sometimes, i usually just tell them i am just browsing. lol if i need anything i will ask them :P If not they wont sop talking.

Which outlet was it babe? o.O cuz as far as i know BCL should be 20%. if not show them this picture :) it's on the official FB page.


I love kiss me lashes too !! I need to go get them today ! thank you for sharing lisa :))

Arisa Chow said...

welcome dear^^

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