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Sasa's Christmas Sale

OMG...this is the time of the year where our year end bonus and salary goes to *sobs*..such irresistible deals and sales ongoing during the festive season makes resisting so difficult lol.

Woke up to the great news of Sasa having their Year End Sale ongoing from today onwards till January 2014.

Ready gift package products of all ranges ready to be given as gifts from your loved ones, friends or family which makes decision making even easier (seriously) as long as you know what particular brand she likes just inquire at the Sasa counter and their staffs will gladly assists you :D

I do understand their staffs can be somewhat annoying by stalking your every movement as you browse through the shop but can't blame them as their commission comes from sales. Just kindly tell them "No, I'm okay, just browsing and if i need anything I will call you." Don't forget to smile :-P
A small smile can make a person's day less dreadful, REALLY!

Greatest promotion that caught my eye is definitely Japanese products, in particular Kiss Me & K-Palette!
Been a loyal user of these products for like almost 3 years and still can't get enough of it, even as a beauty blogger i get opportunities to try out tons of other brands but honestly speaking nothing can change my mind.

Yea.. i have tons of eyeliners and other stuff which i do enjoy playing with them but for my daily usage the only ones i rely on is KISS ME, J POP CORNER & K-Palette (don't forget BCL too!) 

Check out my reviews and tutorials here:

Free make up pouch with any purchase of  Kiss Me products RM80 and above.

A must get Haruhada Cleansing water, gentle for the skin and contains hyaluronic acid to keep skin smooth and supple. 1 huge bottle usually lasts me like 2 months+ (sometimes 3) and that is with everyday make up removal too. So 2 bottles for RM49 is a great deal!

Make sure to subscribe to Sasa's official Facebook page so you won't miss out anymore of this awesome updates. Get them first hand today!

Sasa Malaysia: https://www.facebook.com/SaSaMalaysia




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