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So NOT! Lol, maybe half true but most of the time when i am in front of photographers i don't know how to react whether in cosplay or modeling.
I thank god that i do not blush easily when moments like these happens because i might end up looking like a walking beetroot or tomato >.<

But downside would be i constantly look like Dracula sucked me dry, i look so pale and sickly not that i am complaining about my imperfections that is why they invented cosmetics to help us cover our flaws and enhance our features.
Noticed about my little compact blushers that I've been using in all my recent tutorials recently? 

I am using Shell Pink for this look :-)
It's a soft shimmery shade of light pink suitable for fair skin people.

Sweet Pink for Anna and Elsa (in general my cosplays)

For daily natural usage, i would usually use miracle orange so that it gives me the right amount of natural blushing shade i need for my pale complexion :-) 

Chinese New Year blogpost coming soon with my latest Elsa progress, not to mention that Olaf is starting to look good.
So how was the break treating you guys so far?

I know I've been very quiet lately, but i'll try to update more often next week since valentine's day is around the corner :D
And my exam results are also coming out *sobs* I'm praying at least a pass TT_______TT pretty pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee!




Smartan Dad said...

Nice product. Good luck to you in your exam!

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