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Fight Blemishes with OXY!

OXY one of the most renowned brands in local pharmacies for their acne control products and also well known among teenagers.
I was one of those lucky ones that didn't have such terrible breakouts when i hit puberty, just some pimples here and there with black/white heads but mostly on my T-Zone area.
In my family most of my siblings have very bad breakouts which sometimes causes scarring (we call it moon craters).

I am now using OXY pimple cream to treat my occasional pimples and so far it's one of the most effective solutions because it dries up the pimples by living a layer of skin to peel out after that.
To me their face wash has always been to harsh for my skin type causing it to dry up most of the time so i am currently using Hada Labo face wash and i dare to swear by it!

OXY's latest range the Deep Cleansing Wash & Blemish Control Moisturizer now comes back with double the power to fight acne thanks to their newest ingredients.
  • Salicylic Acid: Unclog pores and remove dead skin cell to prevent blemishes
  • Isopropyl Methylphenol: Penetrate deep into pores to fight pimples.
  • Not forgetting Vitamins C + E!

For the OXY Blemish Control Moisturizer like most moisturizes help with the excessive face oil that is being produced by raging hormones.
Alcohol free so not so much stinging sensation and dries up pretty fast without leaving any greasy or sticky residues. Recommended to use right after cleansing your face.

Overall this is an affordable good skin care product that is suitable for teenagers to help curb with their breakouts but not recommended for those with normal to dry skin (like me) as this tends to leave my skin really dry as i do not have much face oil to curb with in the first place.
Oily skin people should try this out




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