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Musee Platinum Tokyo @ The Gardens, MV

If you guys are reading this now, you would know it's one of my scheduled posts as i will be away from my laptop for a few days.
As we all know Japan's famous hair removal services has been rapidly expanding all over klang valley, after their previous one in Fahrenheit88 last month, just recently in August another branch has been introduced in The Gardens, Mid Valley :)
Musee Platinum Tokyo is a premium hair removal salon exclusively for women that promises long lasting results.

Makes it more convenient for all Musee members as they can use their existing packages in any of their outlets that is located nearest to them.
Hair removal services isn't something i usually look into, but i have first heard of Musee services in Malaysia all thanks to my fiancee, Hermes lol.
Anything to do with Japanese brands and stuff, she is the best person to ask haha! Sometimes i do feel she is meant to live in Japan but was born in the wrong country :-D

Like their clean and simple concept, makes the environment look super high class lol.

Known as Japan's no.1 leading permanent hair removal centres, with proven results by many satisfied customers from all over the world. 
Using the latest advanced technology to remove the stubborn hair from it's roots and allowing it to grow back finer till it's gone.
That day when i paid during the opening, i had a consultation with of the Musee staffs to have a better understanding on how their services works and my current skin condition.

Even got to try out their service, which i might sign up for the current promotion package as i can see a noticeable result in just one visit (honest review here!)
Can see my underarms skintone has lighten up, previously it has darken due to shaving :-/
and my hair stubs are slightly finer. This is just ONE visit, can't imagine if i were to continue :D
Now i can hazzz FUZZ FREE PITS

I had the uttermost faith in Japanese brands and services regardless whether it's food, products or anything at all.
Never doubt them a single bit.
My review on the first treatment was rather a funny one, the staff was friendly and gentle throughout the whole procedure. She was even kind enough to help me take photos during the process!
Your underarms are usually shaven first before the treatment, their special gel filled with micro-beads  

Will only posts this photo cuz my arms don't look so fat here lol, miss my skinny twiggy arms :-(
Wish i was blessed with them so i can wear sleeveless clothing without looking so bulky.

Interesting Fact: You can use lotion to moisturised your armpits LOL. Never knew about underarm skin being dried and needs regular moisturising like your hands and other parts of your body.

With an opening package deal for underarm hair removal of RM288 for unlimited visits that lasts a LIFETIME! No expiry dates.
Try them out today, i assure you won't have any regrets as they offer a refund if you are not satisfied with their results **

**terms and conditions applies.

The Gardens Mall
Lot FF-222C, 4th Floor, The Gardens Mall,
Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603-2287 3188
Fax: +603-2287 3788

Website: http://www.musee-pla.com.my/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MuseePlatinumTokyoMalaysia/timeline




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