Broad Walk Empire Style Challenge

How many of you love the classics like i do? Especially their fashion, the silhouette to the styling it's just so classy. 
Every time i watch the series BroadWalk Empire i instantly feel like i have been transported back to the 20s-30s.
Any fans of Broad Walk Empire here? Bet there are so many out there and there is even a collection line inspired by the series (amazing) by Paul Fredrick for their Fall/Winter collection 2014.

After seeing their latest releases and designs i couldn't help feeling inspired myself so here is a collage that I've put together featuring Paul Fredrick's collection.
Though this collage might seem pretty much 'amateur' level compared to all those fashion blogs out there but nonetheless i am pretty satisfied with it as it's my first time using Adobe Illustrator plus i spent hours watching videos on how to use A.I just for this lol.

What do you guys think on my take on this challenge? Let me hear your feedbacks too! ;-)
For those who are interested in purchasing these amazing dress shirts from Paul Fredrick's collection, I encourage to do so!
Also stay tuned on their official website as i heard they will be refreshing it soon, can't wait to see the new layout.




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Canon EOSM10 Ambassador

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