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Oh the attention i'm getting! Stop it ya'll *blush*  Can't believe i'm actually sharing this post but yeah..think dee...

Shaken, Not Twirled Egg.

Remember this video that went viral on facebook? Lol.
Out of curiosity i've decided to give it a try except of following the step by step instructions with the hassle of using a long sleeved shirt to twirl it, i use my own method.
Guess the outcome of my 'experiment' haha! 

From the outside looks pretty normal lor except the color of the shaken egg might be abit grey-ish but don't worry it's not rotten haha. I've tasted it myself, surprisingly it taste just like an ordinary egg except there is no yolk for me to pick out. I remember when i was a kid, i used to HATE eating yolks doesn't matter fried, boiled or half boiled i just didn't like the smell and taste. Imagine my mom and babysitter having a hard time getting me to finish up my yolks lol!
Sorry mom, seems that i was born a picky eater after all :-P

The results was rather disappointing because it didn't turn out nice bright yellow like how the guy in the video did lolol, lesson learnt follow 100% with no short-cuts (same concept in life).
All in all on the bright side i think this is a great way to fool kids into eating the whole egg instead of picking out the yolks like what i did when i was young XD
Have yet to try the twirled one with shirt though, will upload another post if that attempt is successful la~ 

Have any of you tried shaking/ tossing your eggs before boiling or frying them? Feel free to share your ideas with me as i am a VERY curious person :-P




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