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Passion.Precious Customized Artworks

It's been a delayed post that i've been excited to post up ever since i first collected my casing from Passion.Precious (3 weeks ago) and now i am finally posting this up because they really do deserve the recognition for their beautiful and unique handmade phone casings!
Been also getting alot of questions on where i got my beautiful casing done, so now to share the secret :D

I admit that i change phone casings often depending on my mood or even how i dress lol so changing casings it's like me changing clothes. Come on i am pretty sure you girls out there have a few phone casings too just to match your mood kan? :P

But ever since changed my phone to HTC Desire EYE about 4 months back, finding casings for this particular brand has been kinda hard *sobs*
Not complaining about this phone, in fact i love it to bits as the functions on my HTC can easily beat my faithful old Note 2. The only casing i've gotten is the Dot view which is kinda cool but abit hard to use as i like to use both hands to type and with a cover that becomes a problem lol.

When my college mate and her friend first launches their shop showcasing so many interesting customized designs, i couldn't help but to order one for myself.

Yes, Passion.Precious is founded by two girls (best friends) who are equally passionate about art in different fields. And every piece made in their shop is precious as you won't find them anywhere else and of course any work crafted by an artist is precious! Hence their shop name "Passion.Precious".

Like finally i can have a pretty phone casing that is super duper sturdy too (really didn't expect this!).
Best part about their shop is they provide a large variety of phone models even the rare ones like mine can be found there.
All you have to to is inquire and they will get back to you on the availability of your phone model, if there is ready stock your orders can be done and shipped to you within a week. For phone models that needs pre-ordering it takes an average of 2 weeks to arrive, so time estimation is about 3 weeks.

All designs are carefully hand cut by these 2 amazingly patient ladies, every tear, sweat and time put into crafting your orders.
So please do support their shop here: Passion.Precious

You can never find any duplicates of your phone casing unlike those typical phone casings you easily get in pasar malam which every Tom, Dick & Harry has lol, so if you are a trendsetter then this is for you! Be unique with your very own style and dare to make a statement whether you are a minimalist or a wild one. 
Plus their service is super duper (freakin!) affordable wei.. Where else can you find customized services like these for that price?
Even on etsy it could easily cost you RM100 & above liao. You want quality and affordability? Then better don't miss this chance to shop on Passion.Precious.

Prices ranges from RM35-60 depending on designs & series, inquire Passion.precious for pricing.

These customized phone casings also make a very good birthday and couple gift since it's personalized with names.
Not only alphabets, you can also request for chinese writing too all you have to do is ask, they are a friendly duo so they don't bite :P
Now i feel like making these for my girlfriends too!

Visit their shop on Facebook:




Em said...

I love customised items but I wonder if the purple sprinkly powder will come off later due to sweat or scratches? Will wait for your update later.

admin said...

Pretty casing! A good gift for birthday kan

Kolin zainal

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

Wow the casing looks so pretty! I wanna get one too


Janice Yeap said...

this is a pretty customised casing! Love it! :D

Miera Nadhirah Tan said...

This customised casing is precious... I think it is pretty affordable too....

Leona Lim said...

nice i always wanted something customised too! will definitely check them out, your design is really cute and pretty

Isabel Lee said...

omg so pretty! I love the colour and the sparkles!! What are the alphabets made off? Will they come off?

Pen My Blog said...

Ah the casing looks stunning dear- Love the customization, that glitter effect is the best!

Kylie wenn said...

This is so cool and pretty. I like it very much! Artistic!

Isaac Tan said...

very nice, let me head to their site now to see if they do more manly designs :P

Arisa Chow said...

Nope babe! Still in great condition despite my dropping my hp so many times :)
It's has a resin-like coating to protect it.

Arisa Chow said...

Yes^^ sure to melt someone's heart.

Arisa Chow said...

go go support!^^ super affordable pricing for customized stuff :)

Arisa Chow said...

Thank you :)

Arisa Chow said...

Yes it is^^ im using it everywhere i go now because i love it so much.

Arisa Chow said...

hehe, thanks^^ had some help from Passion Precious since they are the expert in arrangements and making it :D

Arisa Chow said...

Alphabets are plastic but coated with a resin like layer to protect the entire casing :)
So no it wont come off despite me dropping it many times lol.

Arisa Chow said...

thanks! you should get one for you & ur hubby as an anniversary gift :D
Got manlier designs too!

Arisa Chow said...

Thanks dear!

Arisa Chow said...

Confirm ada! Got one designing banyak "zen" the wood design with carved name fonts :D

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