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Worthy Beauty Picks on Sammydress.com

Online shopping has always been a past time favorite among any girl but finding a site that offers a great variety at a fraction of the cost is rather rare no?
Just found out an international website called sammydress.com that offers tons of beauty products for every beauty junkie needs, not only that they also carry a large variety of fashionable clothes (totally loving their picks!), Festive & Party goods, Hair accessories and even Pet Supplies!

That's a whole lot under one roof, so don't blame me for introducing you to sammydress ya :P
Confirmed you'll end up shopping more than you budgeted for but hey it's end of the month and pay has just come in so it's shopping time!!
Don't worry about going pokkai because all the stuff here are affordably priced and they offer free shipping for selected items on their site, so keep a look out for the "Free shipping" sign. 

I'v been hunting for affordable wig heads to do my wig styling or even just to putting them on display but can't because the wig heads here are rather expensive :(
So last time i bought one was already close to RM60++ including the table clamp*ouch* which it's not worth it if i were to buy only 1 from the wholesalers but then i noticed Sammydress.com too do carry wig heads and for only $11.45 with FREE Shipping too!
Their website offers wholesale goods that's the reason why they can keep prices low to ensure customers gets good quality and an affordable shopping experience.

To purchase visit this link

Another item i was eyeing is their small deep cleansing brush which reminded me of my previous cerro qreen facial brush haul which i paid around RM60 for that. I find this brush an essential in my beauty regime as i use make up on a daily basis now since it's soft bristles are fine enough to clean my pores. Not many of you would be so willing to splurge as you are in a "testing first" mood so this would be a great chance to test'em out.

For those who want's to give this deep cleansing brush a try, you can get it at only $4.48 which it's a fraction of the one i paid for Lol but you'll still get the good stuff so don't worry ;-)
To purchase click HERE.
Based on customer reviews it's really soft and gentle to the skin and at the same time it delivers effective cleansing! Totally feel like purchasing a few now to give as gifts for my friends and family or even make another giveaway on my blog to share lol.

Another product worth getting is this basic contour palette, as it is sufficient enough for beginners and even pro make up artists. I usually used them to contour my jawline, under cheek bones & last but not least my nose as it tends to disappear after foundation & powder. (Direct link HERE)

What i like about Sammydress is they have genuine customer feedbacks on items they had purchased from the site, so if you have any doubts just read the reviews or send them an inquiry. Sammydress.com team will get back to you as soon as possible!

These are my 3 top picks on sammydress.com beauty section that's useful for any new/old cosplayer and for the upcoming halloween celebration especially those who are planning to buy wigs for halloween and is need of a storage/ display method. And for all those heavy make up you'll be putting on, it would be a great idea to get a deep cleansing brush to make sure any face paint or thick make up gets totally cleaned out from your skin.

More beauty tools from sammydress can be found here: www.sammydress.com/Wholesale-Makeup-Tools

For more exciting updates follow the on their social sites!




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