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Kiehl's Daily Reviving Concentrate

Any fans of Kiehl's skincare?  This is my first time trying out this brand thought i am well aware of it's presence in the skincare industry, to be honest this brand is considered a "premium" skincare brand on my list, so with my income and budget Kiehl's is something i can only dream to own someday and this "someday" just came true when i was invited to attend this lovely picnic session with Kiehl's Malaysia. Thank you guys so much for having of me :)

For those who don't know and have yet to try this brand let me give a brief introduction: -
Kiehl's is no stranger in the dermatology world, making it's mark as world's best selling skincare with their well developed products designed to target skin problems for both young and old.
Many users trust this brand as its products has countlessly proven effective results over the years in every corner of the world like US, Japan and France to name a few. 

Ever since their award winning Midnight recover Concentrate topped the charts in the facial oil industry (very tough niche to get into and they are considered pioneers in this since they were one of the earlier brands to release oil based skincare products) that's been currently trending since few years ago and now at it's peak as i noticed many brands are also releasing their own oil based products.

I've yet to try this out, it's still sitting in my review box waiting to be touched but according to researches and conducted consumer surveys that this powerful formula is very lightweight and visibly restores the appearance of skin by morning with just 2-3 drops before bedtime. Can't imagine overnight miracle, now i am tempted to try it out to see it for myself! (O_O!!) Reading all about it's benefits online, it's just endless but the main target of this product is actually anti-aging and the other stuff is just bonuses lol.

But i am not here to let the Midnight recover Concentrate steal all the limelight here :-P
I am here to introduce the sibling which will help you optimized your anti-aging regime but more than just a few lines. If it's possible, to make you look younger by a few years (don't we all wish lol).
Say hello to Kiehl's Daily Reviving Concentrate, recommended to use together with their Midnight recover Concentrate. So now it's a complete Day & night time skincare routine for all Kiehl's users and especially for those who have just started exploring their anti-aging range. 

It was an honor getting to meet cammie in person as she shares with us about Kiehl's.

Funny enough, the Daily Reviving Concentrate has earn it's title as a lightweight facial oil awakens, revitalizes and energizes the look of fatigue skin, almost similar to its other half.
Most of you would ask if they worked the same way and produce the same results then why do you need both?
That's the catch there, Kiehl's has always pride itself in dermatology and is always finding ways to produce extraordinary formulas and this Daily Revival is another one of them. It is specially developed to support skin's daytime defense, so it works only during the day following our biological clock.

Mind boogling eh? 
Don't worry, you guys aren't the only one lol i too feel super confused at first till i figured out how to summarize it for easier understanding.

Our skin is constantly repairing itself around the clock especially during the night as we rest but during the day it is defending (at the same time still repairing) itself from all sorts of harmful radicals and pollutants (haze/dust). The day time process is rather stressful for our skin causing it to appear fatigue by the end of the day, that's where Kiehl's Daily Reviving concentrate comes in.
It works by protecting our skin with a barrier and at the same time to strengthen, providing us with a smooth, fresh and healthy skin all day long.
In conclusion, it reduces the stress on our skin caused during the daytime defense process.
We are applying so many products on our face and the no.1 question would always be when do i use it? After cleansing or moisturizer?

Here Cammie teaches us when is the best time to apply the Daily Reviving Concentrate oil, right after our serum, just before moisturizer. Might sound like you are piling on so many things on your face right? Lol wtf :-P
But really, if you only use face wash & moisturizer like me then the oil goes in between those two steps and you can go ahead to apply your make up like normal.

Ingredients from Daily Reviving Concentrate-  Ginger Root Oil, Sunflower seed oil & Tamanu Oil.
Seriously, the combination of ingredients is quite therapeutic giving you a calm start for the day.
Unique blend of essential and botanical oils that help support the skin's natural defense system throughout the whole day.   

As for the Midnight recover Concentrate contains Evening primrose oil, Lavender essential oil & Squalane.

Results from recent survey proven with daily usage of Kiehl's Daily reviving concentrate (DRC), 79% agree that their overall appearance of skin fatigue is lessen, 66% has lesser fine lines (i agree with this), 55-56% less dullness of skin and roughness.
I am sure you all noticed how fresh you look during the day with make up and all but after 8 hours or more you look like a total wreck even without feeling like one lol.
With DRC you'll reduce them by 15% and the numbers will increase over time of religious usage of DRC.

Honestly as a person who dislikes oil, the idea of putting them on my skin (especially my already oily face) just doesn't sinks in lol but till recently when i brought along with me on my Japan trip.
It was the start of autumn, though it isn't as cold as winter but their weather is still dry and cold for my skin which caused it to flake & break out.
But never did i expect for this oil to actually help keep my skin in check throughout this whole trip, my make up lasts longer and lesser fine lines which tends to be visible as my make up melts in between the lines lol.

Shot taken from my dorm room window at Ikebukuro using my #HTCDesireEYE, will share about my stays soon!
This bottle is indeed a life saver for cold or warm weather, since it helps to moisturize and at the same time stop my skin from flaking at the end of the day from wearing make up.
It's now on my travels MUST have list.

Darn..should have taken a picture of myself before & after 8-10 hours but i forgot to as i was busy enjoying my trip :P
Guess, i'll make another blogpost for that then together with the Midnight recover concentrate ;-)

Instead of always posting glam photos, here is an unglam photos of us haha!
Had tons of fun as usual with you girls around :)

More details visit them on their official website or their stores for a consultation.
Kiehl's Malaysia: www.kiehlstimes.com.my




Caroline Ng May Ling said...

I also scared of applying beauty oil to my oily skin type skin, but it does really works when i applied it on certain dry area of my face. I do mix one drop with my foundation sometime too.

Janice Yeap said...

i can't wait to see the results of your skin after using the product! if it works well on your skin, I might drop by at the store and purchase one for myself too! :D

FiSh. ohFISHiee said...

love your first picture! a very nice shot :) I have started using the concentrate now, really good product!

Anis Farhana said...

I should try this one next. Have dry skin so it does look like its going to help plus Kiehls products are always amazing.hohoho

alizasara said...

You guys still looking so flawless. Loving it! But yes, im really tempted to get their reviving concentrate and my skin does need some reviving.

Sherry said...

looks like fun event you gals having. Hehe.. love the last pic everyone emotion is different. haven't try this beauty oil.

Fadzi Razak said...

I don't really use any cosmetic product on my face though. but after reading your entry, i think i could invest some cosmetic for my own satisfaction :D

Miera Nadhirah Tan said...

I am always very skeptical about putting oil on my face since I have combination skin...and sensitive skin... so I prefer light gel types... but I might consider using this for the dryer portions of my face....

Rawlins GLAM said...

Oil on my face? Already considered a petrol station (younger years) as my face was so oily, I will be hesitant to add up the amount.
But I know Kiehl's products are great - my brother is a hard-core user of it. And his complexion explains the greatness of the product,

p.s - answer to your question on my piece, Bio Seleza does not have wing or dry as it has different type to cater for different incidents. Perhaps you wanna try the Mixed set as lots of my friends find that it is easier to but the set cause it caters for all incidents. Contact me ok 0122801977

Michael Yip said...

Kiehls has always been one of those shops that supplies great range of products, but pretty expensive in KL. :( Only stock up on my soaps whenever I step into Singapore. With our current economy, saving that RM20 is a big deal these days.

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

I love their midnight recovery concentrate. Haven't try the new oil out but seems nice.


Kelly Chin said...

I have tried their Midnight Recovery Concentrate is was quite good but have not try this Daily Reviving Concentrate yet.

Kylie wenn said...

Lovely event... Great product they have... I definately need some recovery.. haha~

Arisa Chow said...

Gald to know we share the same concern, mixing it with foundation! Why haven't i thought of that before? thanks for sharing :D

Arisa Chow said...

Will do dear, but most probably not so soon :P still trying to clear up backlogs

Arisa Chow said...

Thanks! Did you manage to take picture with that mirror too? :D

Arisa Chow said...

You should dear! Think they will be having a christmas promo soon!

Arisa Chow said...

haha, must the the beauty filter on my HTC Desire EYE :p
Go go try it out babe, you won't regret it!

Arisa Chow said...

Thanks sherry! Which beauty oil have you tried so far? ;D

Arisa Chow said...

This isn't cosmetic dear, it's skincare :)
And yes, you should invest in a proper skincare.

Arisa Chow said...

IKR!! *high 5*
but this is really light weight and dries almost instantly giving your face a matte feeling :)

Arisa Chow said...

haha, i know that feeling alright, same with my thoughts when i was first introduced to it!
Good to know your brother's complexion is doing great with Kiehl's :)

Will do dear~ thanks!

Arisa Chow said...

yea, couldn't agree more :( even in Japan after conversion it's also about RM10-20 Cheaper.
And that saving can be used to makan chap fan for the next 2 days XD

Arisa Chow said...

Wee~~ how's the results like? I've yet to use the night one.

Arisa Chow said...

should use both together as a complete set based on their recommendation, but dear your skin already so flawless and no wrinkles le :P

Arisa Chow said...

Go get them at your nearest Kiehl's babe before all sold out!

Pen My Blog said...

Really love this particular product babe, thought it might be a bit oily at first but the results blew me away. Definitely worth the investment.

Jessica Yong said...

Gosh the event looks so organic and beautifully decorated. Seriously love events like that. Havent tried this product before and I've been looking for a product that gives me moisture when I am traveling.

Ivy Kam said...

Been hearing so much about this brand, tried once for my skin problem, very satisfy with the outcome :)

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