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Asia Pacific One Belt One Road (OBOR) Tourism Industry Fund

Everytime whenever i see the word "tourism, my wanderlust self itches to travel but my current health condition and financial status doesn't allow me to. It's one of the many sacrifices i had to take in order to keep my lil parasite. From taking a portion for my monthly medical bills, parasite savings and other stuff, barely have enough to even save for travels anymore. Now i know how my mom feels after having 5 kids and how she hold off traveling for as long as 20 years before getting to see places like Europe and Turkey.

Speaking of Travels, just recently i came across a news article stating that Malaysia has beaten countries like Singapore and Korea as tourists preferred travel destination, which is really no surprise at some point because of our exchange currency and diversified culture/ food that the world seems to love. I can still remember the reactions of my Japanese friends when we brought them out for our typical "Malaysian meal" of Chinese/ Malay and Indian Food, definitely you can't find all of these under one roof except in Malaysia.

The tourism industry here is indeed strong, it's basically one of our country's firmest and most recognized platforms, making it suitable for other countries to collaborate with us to expand their tourism efforts into our shores which is what Evergreen Offshore group is doing as they seized this opportunity to build and strengthen the bilateral relations between China and Malaysia through their private funding program worth  HKD10 billion called Asia Pacific One BeltOne Road Tourism Industry Fund (“the Fund”).

This investment  is to also aid in further boosting the relationship on a long term basis and the
decision to debut the Fund in Malaysia was strongly backed by the evident growth of its tourism industry as it is also the government’s plan to increase its investment in developing the sector further.

“The Fund is set up with a long-term vision to promote the tourism sector in countries and regionsalong the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road,” said Mr. Davy Chan, Chairman of the Evergreen Group. “Through our partners here in Malaysia, as well as our own findings, we understand that the Malaysian government will increase its investment in the tourism industry.”

As i've mentioned earlier in this post that Tourism and travels is one of the biggest contributing fund factor for Malaysia it's proven in statistics that it is now our third largest source of foreign exchange earnings, which stood at RM61 billion, 5.7% of its total gross domestic product (GDP). The number is projected to reach RM262.2 billion, 15.8% of its GDP by 2025.
That's definitely a goal that we would probably reach soon instead of 9 years time as the ongoing efforts can be already seen being carried out to make sure we are in the right direction.

“By working with Hong Kong and Mainland China, Malaysia will gain better financial strength thusstrengthening its existing foundation and infrastructure in the hopes of achieving more integratedproductivity and attracting investment,” Chan said.

L-R: Poon Chun Hoo, T Senz International Sdn Bhd, Louis Loh, Group CEO of AFV Consultants Group Sdn Bhd, Eric Chu, Group CEO of Evergreen Group, Danni Wong, Director of Evergreen Offshore Inc. Davy Chan, Chairman of EvergreenGroup, YM Tengku Seri Setia Laksamana Kiri, YM Dato' Seri Nik Ahmad Zulhilmi Bin YM Nik Mohamad (Patron of the fund), YAM Tunku Dato' Seri Shahabuddin Bin Tunku Besar Burhanuddin, YM Dato' Seri Tengku Rozila Azlan Bin YM Tuan May, YM Dato' Seri Nik Ahmad Khushairi Bin YM NIk Mohamad, Tan Sri Dr. Ong Tee Keat, Andrew Tan, Palm Springs Development Sdn Bhd, Kelvin Foo, Explicit Aqua Innovations Sdn Bhd, Ada Poon Yin Hoong, AmLeisure Media Sdn Bhd

Being a country that has always been strategically situated on the south belt, a development strategy and framework known as One Belt, One Road, OBOR, proposed by Chinese paramount leader Xi Jinping to focuses on connectivity and cooperation among countries primarily between the People's Republic of China and the rest of Eurasia. 
In addition to the Chinese government, various private sectors, such as Evergreen group themselves took initiative, to come together and aspire to contribute and support the success of the ambitious road by investing in relevant projects in the OBOR trade route.

This is just the start of things as Evergreen is already in talks with a few potential project owners who are directly involved in the tourism development projects seeking ways to grown this effort further and at the same time building more beneficial relationships between both countries. The Company has allocated a portion of the funds, to be exact- HKD2 billion to invest in Malaysian projects ahead of its other targeted markets including Thailand and Vietnam which they are looking to tap into soon once. One can expect more collaborative activities like pageants, commercials, TV shows or even movies at this point!

About Evergreen“Evergreen Offshore Inc.” is a wholly owned subsidiary of the “Evergreen Group”, it was incorporated at the British Cayman Islands in May 2012. The Company’s primary business involves Enterprises Analysis, Private Equity Funds and Listing Operations. Currently Evergreen
Offshore Inc. holds two Trust Units: “Evergreen Offshore Fund Trust” and “Asia-Pacific One Belt
One Road Tourism Industry Fund”. To date, the Company has a total of USD200 million in capital
commitments and has invested over USD50 million in the first phase of its investment blueprint.




  1. So proud that Malaysia is one of the top for tourism industries!

  2. Woah! Did not know that! Cheers to the Malaysian touring industries! Hopefully somehow our Malaysia financial status would somehow pull through.

  3. a lot of people underestimate our tourism industry.. we have beautiful beaches and islands.. some even better than other south east asian countries... just gotta explore our home deeper and not be skeptical.

  4. as a singaporean, i love visiting malaysia too! there's so many different states and places to explore and the food is so yums!

  5. Love how Malaysia tourism industry is flourishing!

  6. I deeply support this project. As an Asian we should support this kind of project to boost the tourism of our place, and also our neighboring country. Asian helps Asian.

  7. Agreed! Statistic did shows that our Tourism industry contributed part of the highest GDP to Malaysia's economic growth. Hopefully the collaboration will enhance the relationship between the countries!

  8. True that. Malaysia got so many great places to visit and program like this would definitely helps to promote these places outside

  9. It is just sad that the Ringgit is so weak. So, although tourism receipts keep increasing, it doesn't really help us if we are not in certain industries of business.

  10. certainly a good initiative to boost tourism! looking forward to more of this :)

  11. we learn something new every day..
    i didn't know about these stuff till i read about it here. :)
    here's to malaysian tourism

  12. Didnt know Malaysia made it to the top in the tourism industry! Good to hear that

  13. Malaysia is a beautiful country. I am sure there are many tourism development opportunities there.

  14. This will be a really great project for Malaysia!! I am pretty proud of Malaysia to be the top of tourist place, there's definitely many places I have yet to visit =D

  15. Glad to heard that! M'sia definitely has a lot of beautiful tourist place

  16. Didn't know about this Tourism Industry Fund until I read your post, thanks for the info sharing :)

  17. Malaysia is a beautiful place and a lot to explore.

  18. Wish to our Malaysia tourism can be more and more popular among the local and oversea as well^^

  19. and yet even I have not travel around Malaysia...T.T

  20. woah! I never known Malaysia has been the tourists preferred travel destination until I read your post. But i definitely agree that cultures and variety of food are one of the attractions.

  21. Really proud that Malaysia is one of the top favourite tourism destination! Wish our Malaysia economic growth with more of this foreign investment 😃😄


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