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GIVEAWAY | Realash Christmas Surprise!

Round 4 of Giveaway Christmas madness is here! For those of you unaware, i've teamed up with my favorite brands to spread the Christmas joy of giving so all you gotta do is follow a couple of simple steps in order to be in the running to bring home any of these prizes!
It's been tiring for me to juggle my blog and care for Mariko, so please do join and don't say i never share good stuff with you guys ya lol :P

For those of you whom followed my blog for donkey years would already know i am a religious user of Realash since 2014 and how it has actually helped me enhance my typical sparse Asian short lashes and now i'm rocking natural long and thicker lashes which i am totally proud of it!
You can read my past reviews here to see the actual before and after results:

You can directly purchase from their website if you guys are interested: www.buyrealash.com.my

And i want you guys to try them out too, so thanks to Realash we'll be giving out 5 sets of Realash lash and eyebrow enhancer worth RM360 each but there's a small catch for this :)
All we request is for the winners of this giveaway to share with us their testimonial on FB/IG after using this product for 30 days!
It's that simple ❤

 To enter, just follow these 4 simple steps!

Subscribe to my blog : HERE

LIKE Arisa and Realash Malaysia on Facbook

Share this poster from my page and tag 3 friends!

Comment below why you deserve to try Realash products! 
Be creative with your answer☺

Giveaway duration: 23rd-30th Dec 2016
You can also participate in my other giveaways here, but only one prize per winner :)
More giveaways coming up throughout this whole week!

Terms & Conditions:
- Participants who fail to follow step 1-4 will be immediately disqualified
- postage fees will be bore by participants
- No purchase is required to participate in this giveaway
- Prizes may subject to change based on availability but of equal value
- Organizers reserves the rights to make amendments to the T&C without prior notice
- open to those residing in malaysia only.




-Chronosz- said...

I would really like to try out Realash as mine tends to fall often. I also have a few friends who are in need of it. It would make a great birthday present 😁

Arisa Chow said...

Thanks for joining Chronosz!All the best :)

Cindyrina Rina said...

Generous giveaway Arisa! Good luck to those joining!

Adriana Thani said...

I would definitely join if I was in Malaysia. Sounds like an excellent product!


Miera Nadhirah Tan said...

this is an awesome product... loving mine... still using it and it is just so efective... good luck to all trying their luck...

Em said...

I'm a typical Chinese and we all know how short and sparse our eyelashes are, in addition to "mata sepet". If I can't do anything about my mata sepet without going under the knife, at least I can do something about the lashes, without pain.

Shini Lola said...

Nice product giveaway! Good luck for those participants.

Akai Yukina said...

I saw reviews and demos of these and I was surprised to see it works. I've been trying to grow my lashes out through different ways but none seemed to work, so I'd like to try this product if I win them.

Aqalili Azizan said...

Awesome giveaways! I'm pretty sure, the lucky one will be happy receiving this gift!

Mariella said...

Aww I wanted to join but it's only available for people who are in malaysia too bad for me. Haha. But congrats in advance to the winners.

anne said...

Is this contest open for Philippines or just there?

Blair Villanueva said...

These are uber generous giveaway Arisa! Good luck to your choosen winners :)

Indrani said...

Excellent giveaway. All the best to the participants.

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

wa so many reallash! I love the product too. wish to win one hehe

Radhia Razali said...

I want Realash products because by wearing this product, i will have gorgeous look for new year celebration

~ Everest ~ said...

Wow that is such a high value giveaway! This prodcut produces good results for u I am sure it will be well received!

A'ishah K. said...

I found many good reviews on this product. All the best luck to all the participants.

Amelie Yap said...

I've heard a lot of good comment on Realash! good lucks to the participants

Sarina Chandra Kumar said...

Wow great giveaway, i think ive missed out on it. Next time maybe. Goodluck to those who have participated.

sexy-shit said...

Hi Arisa, I hope I can have a chance to try Realash products because I've read many good reviews about it. I really hope it can lengthen and thicken my short & thin eyelashes. I wish I can go out without the need to put on fake eyelashes and drawing my eyebrows every time. :D

theChency said...

Heard many good review about this Realash. Good luck to all participants. :)

Arisa Chow said...

thank you all for joining! here are the winners :)

Rane chin
Chiang zejing
Anna Lau
Radhia Razali
Yuki Aina

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