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Oh the attention i'm getting! Stop it ya'll *blush*  Can't believe i'm actually sharing this post but yeah..think dee...



nae said...

After finding you on instagram, i was captivated immediately by your sense of style and love for all things Japanese. In a way, you are a role model to me. We have the same interests in many things, but I am still just a teenager behind her laptop while you are an adult who has achieved things and found her own style. I am passionate about fashion, but I don't know what to do. My parents are typical, they do not see the future in fashion as an occupation. Did you only study fashion design after SPM? And at what age did you start cosplay and make up?
You are inspiring to me! Thanks for reading!

Arisa Chow said...

Hi Nae,

Thanks for dropping by my humble blog and following me on instagram :) I am glad i can inspire young girls like you to follow their hearts and believe that passion is something powerful, not like how society has deemed it to be- useless.
I was once a teenager like you myself, in a dilemma of what step to take in life with traditional parents that was practically against everything i did including cosplay & art. But what i did was took the most unconventional to pursue my passion for art by taking fashion design despite the sneers i got from my father, worked hard to pay for my own education as that was the only way for me to study something i wanted. It wasn't an easy road, had to face so many obstacles a child shouldn't have and if possible i would prefer if every kid gets their parent's respect & blessings in the decisions they made so best to to sit down with them and talk thing through like adults. Prove to them that you are capable of making right decisions of your own and you are no longer the child they should fuss about :)

To be honest, taking up fashion design course here in Malaysia, it's a fact there is no future as there isn't much opportunity for us compared to overseas. If your fianaical budget allows try applying for colleges in other countries like Paris, UK or Japan where there are more job opportunities once you graduate, plus your paper would be recognized at least. And to answer your question, yes i only took diploma in fashion design at TARC, setapak.

Started cosplaying when i was 12 and experimented more with make up at the age of 16. Hiding my hobbies was one of the most hardest things to do especially when im living under the same roof lol.

Hope this answers your questions :)

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