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The questions i usually get (same goes to any other cosplayer)

How Long have You been Cosplaying?
About 6-7 years (2011) and yes, i'm only 18 years old this year.

What made me interested to start cosplaying?
I've started watching old school animes such as sailormoon and samurai X (still my favorite after more than 12 years!) when i was 6 years old and I'm still am! Not gonna let age take over me just yet! I came from a very strict family household, so they emphasis more on studies than watching TV.. 
Back then as a kid my parents weren't very encouraging of me watching all these animated series because they weren't very fond of Japanese cultures and what not-s (or maybe it was the age restriction lol)

So it became a habit to sneak and continuing watching anime, well you can't stop a kid from being a kid right? (>w<)
It went on till i was in primary school when i discovered more and more addictive anime series such as Gensomaden Saiyuki & Inuyasha ( still love these series to bits! ♥ )
And soon i started drawing as well, nothing is more satisfying than to create your own characters anddrawing them into your own manga series.
Being a kid, you get an idea of how wild your imagination can run lol (*w*)
So i became active in that circle..joining manga drawing competitions..posting my artwork on Deviantart (my very 1st account, now it's history lol)
Best achievement was when i got the title, "Best Story & Art" from Junior Manga Challenge 

I started collecting local magazines and newspaper clippings that features columns for manga and other ACG related stuff until one day i came across this Article about Comicfiesta 2004 featured in the STAR newspaper..
guess who was in it? Ayase and kikyo.. these two senpai-s of mine has inspired me the most throughout the years and i started cosplaying because i wanted to be like them.
To be in the circle of make believe, anything is possible.
Instead of just seeing characters on screen but to make a dream become reality.
I was only 11 years old at that time unable to go to all these events without a parental guidance

And swore I will attend the following year of Comicfiesta 2005, that was where i debuted my 1st cosplay and the rest is history :)

Here are a few of my recent favorite cosplay photos

Diva from blood +
credits to Joseph @Kira
Hitagi Senjougahara from Bakemonogatari
Credits to KcLee
Hone Onna from Jigoku shoujo
Credits to Kuzu
Sakura from Tsubasa
Credits to Sally
Sango Shizuku from Kampfer
Credits to Hexlord


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