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Yours Sincerely, Sinful Chocolate Mint

I know, I'm 2 days late from posting this blog post! Sorry for the delay in the feedback Heaven Premium Ice Cream Cake ! >.<
As you guys know i have bought from this lovely cake house before, check out my previous post : CLICK ME! :D Because the cake taste was awesome and the service was so good, i couldn't resist to go back for more! ;-)
I stumbled across them previously at a Groupon deal, so i thought, why not buy one and try? No harm done :P and IT WAS WORTH IT!(I never had ice cream cake before this, even if i did must be AGES ago >.< because i can't seem to recall eating any lol!) ,my family loved it as well! 
Regretted not buying more of the coupons, then one fine day, i saw the same deal on Living Social  (Back by POPULAR DEMAND)  <---------- See? I'm not the only one who agrees that the cake is good :-P without second thought, i clicked BUY , bwahaha! 

And I used it for Father's day (last Sunday)! 
I've  tried their double chocolate chip (recommended for chocolate lovers ♥), so this time i went for the Chocolate Chip Mint! >w< total bliss!!!! 
My favorite ice-cream flavor has always been either chocolate or chocolate mint ♥ and with this made into cakes (I'm a pastry lover as well, ohoho~ CHAOS APPETITE UNLEASHED :D

As a token of appreciation from my previous feedback blogpost,
I was lucky to try out their latest creation which was the MOIST CHOCOLATE CAKE BASE, this is a new recipe yet to be launched very soon, so do follow Heaven Premium Ice Cream Cake closely for the latest updates! ;-)

They previously used, normal vanilla cake base for my last cake and they are currently still doing so for all the cakes. The Vanilla base was also quite good, but since im more of a chocolate person , I'll Vote for the moist chocolate base :-P hehe.. I highly recommend this for CHOCOLATE LOVERS!!

And I must say, this is really..really good! The texture is moist and it melts together with the ice cream as you eat it >w< just writing about it right now makes me even more hungrier LOL.

The presentation is lovely! Make sure to thaw it at most, 10 minutes before cutting the cake ;-)
It won't be so hard to cut and gives enough time for the cake inside to soften 

 See the how generous they are with the ice cream? *w* eat you heart out babes! And noticed the cake's base? It is moist chocolate cake, smooth and slightly chewy texture, reminded me abit of a brownie :-D 

A close up (please pardon the ugly plate >.< lol ) by the time i took pictures, my cake was almost melting haha! left it to thaw abit too long oTL

When i mentioned that the service is very good, i meant VERY GOOD. Pleasant service from all the staff including the chef :-) It was an honor getting to meet the head chef herself , the mastermind behind all this lovely creations 
For more info of their cake flavors you can check out my previous blog posts : HERE & HERE 2 

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Heaven Premium Ice Cream Cake

drop them an email to place your orders today!

 Curious of cake's taste before purchasing them on large scale?  Try out their mini ice cream cake cups instead! ;-) small, yet satisfying. 

I think mine was cheese cake chocolate, really enjoyed it! Thank you so much for everything Heaven Premium Ice Cream Cake ! I'm sure to come back and order again near future! :3



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