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Weekend Bazaar at First Subang Mall II [FOOD]

As promised in my previous blog post : Weekend Bazaar at First Subang Mall , brace yourself with all the mouth watering pictures that I'm gonna post next :D 

Thank you Coffee Chemistry for having us over at your cafe! The ambiance and food was great :-)
I have not much to say when it comes to food (must be taste buds problem lol) so my sayang eat on my behalf lol here is our feedback on the food  ♥ 
By : Jcdish & Arisa

This is the coffee that coffee chemistry is bringing in. Learnt something interesting regarding coffee packaging - there's a valve in all packages that allows air out, but doesn't allow air in. You can take a sniff of the coffee aroma without opening the pack.
Ordered black coffee. Its definitely not your garden variety Nescafe. The slightly sour acidic taste I associate with cheap coffee was non existent : )

Tuna on Basil & Mayo topping baguette 
My favourite dish of the day - tuna with mayo. I love tuna, but this was something else - the right mix of mayo and herbs with tuna. Might be a bit too 'milky' for some, but for me it was perfect.

Mushroom Onion Bruschetta 
Baked mushrooms and onions. This wasn't bad, but the mushrooms weren't tasty enough im my opinion. Overall, I would have prefered a bit more taste in the sauce.

Smoked Salmon on Basil with Maltaise topping baguette 
This was quite tasty :-) The salmon was well marinated but we all couldn't figure out what the yellow sauce was lol, was kinda creamy-ish though.

Miniature Beef Bacon Hand roll
Wrap with beef bacon and veg, with a slightly oily sauce that brought out a nice flavor to this dish. Its surprising how the simplest mix of salad vegetable and beff bacon can be something more than just your ordinary sandwich. It might be too oily for some though - but Arisa seemed to love it as well, and she's a health freak.

Teriyaki Marinated Chicken Skewer 
Nothing really special about this - its your usual chicken on a stick, ala Jusco or Isetan. You do get a huge chunk of mushroom tho, and if I can't really praise it, neither can I say its bad. If you love meat on a stick, you can't go wrong with this.

Homemade Potato Croquettes 
This was a bit disappointing. I love potatoes, but this dish was just a wee bit too soggy, and the fingers refused to stay together. They may look like finger food, but you'll need a plate and a spoon at the very least to eat this.

Ratatouille  Bruschetta 
Also - the ratatouille. First time trying this French dish, so I can't comment on how authentic it is. The mix of brinjaw and (was it zuchinni?) was certainly something different, especially with the slightly tangy and pungent sauce. Would love to try more of it tho - a small helping of this on a thick slice of bread doesn't even begin to tickle the taste buds.

Overall, I would say coffee chemistry is a place with a very nice ambiance, and good food. The dim lighting and jazz music creates a suitably relaxing mood, and the comfy chairs set besides magazine racks invites one to kick back and enjoy. As for the food - what we had were just sampling platters, but they were enough to piqued my interest. Will I be back? If I pass by the area, I'll definitely stop by and order a full course meal.

LOL moments. This is what we bloggers do every time there is food :D

Tammy's drink came with a hello kitty face! >w<

The cute lil dog pattern, feel kinda sorry to drink it since it's so nicely done lol

This is my drink,Cafe' Mocha (naturally :-P) 

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After Coffee chemistry, we dropped by Sheryln's Little Dream to have our desserts! A cute little stall on its own combined with another shop(but i cant remember the name) located on the lower ground floor of the bazaar:3  Their main focus is cakes and brownies/ desserts, and regarding the cakes they are made freshly everyday and everyday is full of surprises! She doesn't have a fix menu for the cakes, so who knows the next time you drop by you might get to try something new :-D

She usually have 2-3 cakes to choose from each day and their yummy-licious cakes are reasonably priced at RM7.90 (I kid you not, judging by generous sized cake till the box also can't fit so she has to put it lying down instead of standing up LOL XD) But you can enquire for their cake of the day priced only at RM5.90!
Don't the Tiramisu looks lovely? >w<  She sells 2 kinds, one with alcohol the other is without alcohol. It seems that the alcohol-ed tiramisu is quite a bestseller XD by the time we arrived, there was only one left! D:  

Look at the size of their "Little" Devil Chocolate Cake (ain't little to me lol) I can bet that you can't bite a mouthful without straining your jaws :-P

Heavenly brownies! She got the texture just right :D Not too chewy and soft with a slight crunchiness. I hate it when most places that sells brownies, it ends up tasting like normal chocolate cake..feel so cheated =_= Don't play-play with the art of making brownies :-P

Her oreo cheesecakes that comes in cup form/take away :-)

They also sell by slices, looks yummy no? Shall try that out one day 

Another of her creation that caught my eye :3 Cute butter cookies coated with decorative icing! And my! The designs are so colorful and detailed, kids would love them! Rane bought one for her daughter, i wonder how is the taste like, any feed backs Rane? XD

LO AND BEHOLD the sinful power of the BROWNIE! served with chocolate sauce ;-) perfect combo 
By the way you are given a option to top up for a scoop of vanilla ice cream to go with your brownie ;-)
Normal brownie with chocolate sauce : RM3.10, With a scoop of ice scream : RM4.90 

Most of the girls took the chocolate cake but since i'm fan of cheesecake and chocolates ♥ Obviously Tiramisu would be my first choice *hearts* To me, this tiramisu is nothing special because it is without alcohol :-( Not much "zing" to it..taste like plain cheesecake with chocolate sprinkles on top T_T 
*warning* this cup portion is for 2 people, finish it alone will send your stomach churning because it is too cheesy lol

So drop by to try them out today! :-)




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