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[ADV] Cellulite Be Gone with A.R.T !

Oh boy!
Here comes the most dreaded subject to all women-kind (whether skinny or big sized) WEIGHT.
It's very common to see women pushing aside this topic most of the time, because I do that too lol the sensitivity of this taboo subject is equivalent to politics in Malaysia (No kidding!)

I'm pretty sure most of you lades out there would have heard of the famous slimming center, Marie France Bodyline!  If you have not, you are definitely not a woman lol must be a man in disguise. This famous slimming centre is practically everywhere, you'll see them in advertisements, large billboards by the highway and loads of their branches all over Klang Valley.

Every women's dream is to be slim and curvy at the right places but sadly God didn't create us humans to be prefect :-( And we will never be satisfied with our figure regardless of trying out every slimming method just to achieve our dream body. It could be dieting (the worst option ever), slimming supplements (god knows what are in those pills) or impulsing exercising and strict diet (like me, it sucks because alot of food you can't enjoy). Worst case scenario, you'll end up being anorexic or bulimic and getting out from that position is hard because it's something that will scar and haunt you for the rest of your miserable life.

The very one day I wasn't wearing my double eyelid stickers lol hence the 'sepet' eyes.

That is why slimming centers are invented! Thank God for modern technology ♥ Most women would want to achieve their dream body as fast as possible without having to constantly diet nor do compulsive exercising. That is why Marie France Bodyline has been around for more than 20 years to aid individuals to lose weight naturally. No pills and needles, it's 100% natural.

Known as one of Asia's leading provider for slimming services, they are not only well known in Malaysia but in neighboring countries such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Macau, Indonesia and Brunei. Currently there are 20 Mary France centres here in Malaysia :-)
It seems not only women want to be slim, even men want achieve a slim figure effortlessly (no bulging tummy lol to me men should always exercise because it's easier for them to loose those fats and build muscles unlike women. Gawd..hate female hormones =_=) That is why Marie France has a weight management program solution for both men and women.

Up-close and personal with Amy.

Last week, was invited down to Marie France Bodyline KLCC branch together with other blogger babes (Thanks to Tammy ♥ :3) to have a small personal session with Amy Quek, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Marie France Bodyline. Believe it or not she is the first ever female to hold the status of a CEO in Marie France Bodyline! Girl rules! lol :-P

Amy has been serving the company since 1989 as a consultant and was promoted to general manager for both Singapore and Malaysia within the span of 2 years of servitude. She is also a mother of 3 healthy children, hard to believe so because she looks very well groomed and fashionable :-)
Mothers don't get me wrong lol it's just Malaysian culture where most mothers pass a certain age don't usually practice grooming nor dressing up anymore >.<

Amy explaining to us about their new slimming program, The A.R.T

Through this short session with Amy, I got to know a lot of stuff about Marie France, before this I've always assumed they were just like every other slimming centres where the milk your money kaw-kaw with their "promotion packages".. etc.
And I'm sure you girls would have heard this myth floating around about women who attend slimming centres will gain back double or triple their original weight is they discontinued their slimming program regime and they also have to watch what the eat and so forth. 

Amy has cleared all our doubts and answered all our question, indeed they are not your average slimming centres. Being Slim is one thing, but they prioritized your health first- In Marie France they believe in only providing the very best for their clients, it's all about loosing weight the natural, fast and healthy way.
So women can walk out of their doors with wide smiles and their new found confidence.

Recently Marie France Bodyline launched their latest addition to their slimming program family, let give a round of applause for A.R.T! I bet from the very start of my blogpost you would be wondering what the heck does ART got to do with slimming? Lol A.R.T stands for Acoustic Radial Therapy treatment known as the latest state-of-the-art medical diagnostic equipment that has been certified by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Acoustic Radial Therapy is a non-invasive treatment which combines high energy radial waves with vacuum technology to combat cellulite and generate rhythmic pulses that penetrates through the skin up to a depth of 35mm.  
It works by supposedly to break your fat cells beneath the skin, reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Right after the session with Amy, we went to tour the interior of Marie France Bodyline. I have to say I'm truly amazed by the decorations and ambiance >w<  So comfortable looking wei~~
There are 3 doors - VIP, Men treatment and Women Treatment.
The men's treatment room is the smallest because I don't think many guys would come for this :-P Yay! More space for the ladies.

Their consultation room for first timers, a private room with very interesting wallpaper ♥

Starting with the VIP treatment room, very posh looking ♥

Then moving on to the Normal female treatment room.
P/s: didn't manage to take picture of the guy's room because it's kinda small and nothing much to explore lol

Love the motivational quote in their bathroom mirror :-) Maybe i should do that to my own bathroom one day (If i ever get a big mirror like this XD haha~)

One of their therapy rooms

The wrapping room for normal clients, see what i mean by cozy? Well equipped and you can just sleep there or make yourself a cup of coffee/tea during your wrapping session :-D

Some of their latest slimming products on display.

Before the outing officially ended, it's makan time! :-D Brunch at Du Viet and best joke of the day was even the dishes served are healthy and had minimal oil (really want us to loose weight trolololol~) nonetheless they look yummy and everyone agreed it was good :-D 
I remember having their spicy beef noodle soup 2 years back and it was one of the best noodles I've ever tasted :3

Authentic Vietnamese food ♥ ♥ Yummy ♥

Look at the whole row of yummy mouth watering dishes (^・ω・^ )

Group photo time! The other half of the bloggers were still touring Marie France. 

Thank you Marie France Bodyline for the early CNY gift! :-) Banyak 'Ang' lol
Can't wait to try out the Acoustic Radial Therapy program one day >w< Damn curious to see how the machine works haha~

Marie France Bodyline is offering the Acoustic Radial Therapy (ART) Treatment @ RM199 as a special launch offer!

For more information or inquiries about Marie France Bodyline, you can log on to or contact them on their hotline 1800 22 8222.


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