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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years before becoming a mom of 2 beautiful girls and i love sharing about Beauty, fashion and everything about Japan because i'm currently based in Kyoto!
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Food For Thought (Literally)

Since working my ass off for the past 2 months i am finally glad that i actually have some time to myself to get my mind in place before going berserk again lol.
And been filling my free time with cooking, reading, drawing and browsing useless websites (some useful ok!)

Cooking really takes some motivation,  especially for lazy people like me that i why I like visiting a website that contributes lots of creative and easy living ideas ideal for a busy women lifestyle.
I had the honor of meeting the founder, Sara in person before earlier this year during my trip to Singapore for Charriol launch.
Truly inspiring getting so many fresh ideas in my inbox from time to time aside from just work emails.

At least during my recovery period i took some initiative to sign up to online newsletters that at least be beneficial to me instead of the usual beauty sale spams =_=
Finally unsubscribe from all those annoying mess, it takes up about 90% of my inbox memory space (including Facebook wtf)

Back to the cooking part, i know that my cooking skills can be called barely passable/edible because presentation wise really needs some serious makeover lol. One look can make you lose your appetite and i am not being hard on myself lol. All those nice clear pictures taken on instagram ( recently is from my galaxy camera punya. Haha! So i made sure food i made look decent enough for a "model shoot" with my Galaxy Camera XD

Salmon Quinoa Patties was a success on first attempt! 
Yummy and easy to make too.

After having such a barren fridge for almost a week, decided to get my ass out and do some grocery shopping. And as usual, forgot to even check what i was gonna prepare for this week thank god i remember about JewelPie posting a GROCERY SHOPPING LIST on their website. Smart phones super handy leh~ just google then gao tim XD

Today's Post workout snack: 
Goji berries + low fat plain yogurt + dried fruits + sesame seed and honey

I actually don't even know the proper way to separate a yolk from an egg white XD No kidding, always fail one until i tested out one of JewelPie's techniques :

I usually make omelette with 2 eggs and try to only eat 1 yolk a day,

No kidding the only way i thought it was possible is this, with a bottle just because a friend once sent me this video. I feel so stupid right now =_= 
Can't believe i fell for it WTF.


And i remember my best friend, Kuzu finds it so amazing the way i crack eggs. Crushing it, literally.
Normally people would crack it at the side of the frying pan with one hand and done without any mess, my way more amusing. Shall record it with my S4 animated photo function one day lol.

Oh for my other interesting internet finds i am gonna link them down for your enjoyment as well.

One of my favs is this cereal bowl invention lol so reminds me of my cat's eating bowl except it is human size instead of the usual long type XD
Such a genius invention, really! Does anyone know where to get them? If you do drop me a comment below, i will happily buy one myself LOL

If i get my very own house, don't be surprised to see me stuffing onions in my panty hose LOL. Funky deco wei~

Came across this picture that was shared on my facebook newsfeed yesterday, it took 1 second to just ignore it but a second thought to stop for a moment and read it.
Something to keep me mentally checked lol. True that we only live life to constantly please others to the point it wears and tears us down. But in the end who else can provide us with our own happiness but ourselves?

Another interesting read is this 36s video that went viral on facebook recently about airbrush models.
Girls of all ages should sit down and watch this video, not only what Sally (the model)did for this video was inspiring but it is also something we girls need to do is wake up and realized that having the ideal image of a "perfect body size 0" is never going to happen in reality except on media because who would be attracted to a normal looking model on the front cover?

Obviously they need a way to gain readers attention by over photoshopping the pictures.
But by doing so they have also basically have no respect for a woman's natural God given beauty.
Because of social media we humans became so stereotype about how ideal  men and women should look like, wtf.
I am not only talking about girls, this problems also affects guys it's just that usually these cases are ignored unless you are dead, then only the hype starts coming up >.> 
Like poor french model Isabelle Caro.

Come on many of us can look like movie stars? If all of us did, the famous people will be out of jobs already.


And here are a few other videos totally worth watching, i won't waste my time browsing though these stuff if it wasn't interesting. Seriously, i have better things to do.
This topic is about language and our ugly stereotype society (in every country it is also the same, so don't bother saying only in Malaysia..blah..blah..blah.. >.>)

My fav video would be this :

Couldn't agree more with them, that is why i do believe i would be much happier overseas than my own country :-/  

Phew...this is what i call a day well spent XD 
Last but not least after all the serious topic i've been boring you guys about I am actually glad you actually managed to even scroll this post all the way to the bottom.

A lil treat for both sexes really. Boys and Girls.

You guys will NEVER understand our period woes. 
So quit whining when we PMS =_=


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