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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years before becoming a mom of 2 beautiful girls and i love sharing about Beauty, fashion and everything about Japan because i'm currently based in Kyoto!
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Is Fashion Worth Dying For?

Stop it, seriously. It isn't worth risking everything you have just to look good in clothes whether it's on runway, hobby or even for your own satisfactory.
In the end, that happiness is only temporary all those starvation and misery just to fit into a size 0 outfit. The what next? Continue starving yourself because the in your mindset you have not achieved your ideal weight/size yet? 
Great plan. Really.

What is a size 0?
Basically the measurements of a girl who hasn't hit her puberty- Bust: 31, Waist: 23, Hips: 32.
Yep, if you dying to have that measurements you might wanna get your head checked because a normal lady who has reached her puberty wouldn't have this measurements unless you are born seriously skinny and lanky (example: some runway models)

I know, who am i to even say all this when i have the exact measurements? The worst when my waist was 22.5 inch and i only weight 35kg. Imagine a girl my height who is already slightly taller than your average local girls, i'm about 166cm+ (i think?) barefoot while most girls are usually around 155cm-162cm. Most of them have quite a petite body frame too, with shoulder measurements that doesn't reach more than 16" while mine is 18".

The only advantage of me being this size right now is whenever i make a collection, i don't have to constantly call my models in for fitting because my mannequin and my body size is almost the same except the height la (lol).  So if i can fit in the garments, confirm 100% my models also can fit (except boobies part la since i'm quite flat) ohohoh~
Average runway models usually 170cm and above, but their body measurements are equivalent to a prepuberty girl. 
But then again, it's just a general assumption or more like a stereotype mentality. Let's be realistic, it's impossible for everybody to be borne with the same size and bone structure unless they are genetically cloned lol. 

Here is a good example of body image, generally most women get the idea of pregnancy causes MASSIVE weight gain and makes them look super frumpy..etc. But take a look at the 2 pregnant ladies below both on the same road to motherhood. But still looks stick thin (arms and thighs are not expanding at all) meanwhile the other one looks like a typical pregnant lady we see on the streets everyday (with noticeable weight gain). 

Doesn't look like a normal comparison right? But that is life we are all DIFFERENT!
So quit comparing yourself to a runway model because all the starvation and special diets isn't going to make you achieve your "dream body" =_= 

I'm not encouraging you girls to stuff yourselves like pigs just because it's not healthy to be skinny, obesity is also a problem that is why "moderation" came about :-P
Well, if you want to be all means go ahead but one must know where to draw the line. For some people they at least still have a conscious mind in what their doing in order to achieve their ideal weight.
But it doesn't necessarily work for everyone and i am one of those unfortunate weak minded ones that succumbed into my obsession for weight loss.

Never thin enough for your own expectations. I still have this imagine issue that i am trying to overcome. 

I am not saying this out on my blog just for the attention or anything but it is just a personal experience i would like to share to girls of all ages especially those who are still insecure about their bodies.
I admit, i personally am still insecure of my own body even when i had the curves and ab lines but to me i still visualize myself as : No Difference.

Stop being so harsh on yourself, to keep my sanity i really need to tell myself this everyday. So far i have yet to come across people who suffered from extreme cases like mine because most of them would rather not talk about it.
What we do is indeed shameful, but who are we to blame when we are just trying to meet society's expectations.   

Stop being skinny and try to be healthy, beauty isn't measured by size. So is fashion.

Everyone can google "How to be Skinny ASAP" but note this girls, not every method works for every girl. Different bodies have different needs.

Couldn't agree more with ex-size 0 model, Robyn Lawley about the thigh gap issue.
I too struggle with that mentality of making sure my thighs NEVER touch each other but stopping to think about it..makes me feel really ridiculous. I mean..who the HELL even came up with that rule? I heard of "muffin tops" la which it's pretty common but "thigh gaps"?
"Staying in shape is a good thing, but suffering and killing yourself slowly just to look fashionably-in for a few years of your lifetime is just not worth the chance."


Learn to Embrace your body and stop being so comparative among yourselves (even if you girls are just joking) :-/

As the saying goes :
" People say actions speak louder than words, but sometimes it's the words that hurt the most. Actions are easy to ignore but words hit your heart where it hurts."

Sorry... just needed to let off some steam after been busy attending events for the past few weeks and girls always start the conversation with " lost weight already ka?" 
P/S: I do find it annoying. Sue Me.

Okay..enough of me bitching lol, here is something to cheer up the post. 
Say Hi to Tessa, yep she is literally a 'bitch' lol.


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