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If you are in for an adventure paired with lengthy, quirky, brutal honest thoughts then you are in the right place my friend.

My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years before becoming a mom of 2 beautiful girls and i love sharing about Beauty, fashion and everything about Japan because i'm currently based in Kyoto!
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Every digital device in this era is now smarter than us humans (really!) they can do so many things compared to technology last time. From smart phones to smart laptops and even now smart TV is out in markets. Just waiting for the day where they come out with smart cars that have auto driving system or smart cooking stoves where they can cook by themselves based on settings so we don't have to waste time in the kitchen. Who knows these ridiculous ideas might actually come true pretty soon :P

Like all smart gadgets they have their own special apps that we are able to download and run on our devices. Bento Live, a video streaming service is one of the FREE apps that is now available on the Samsung Smart TV. That's the best part instead of having to download multiple apps just to make TV watching entertainment convenient for you everything you need can be found on Bento Live from TV dramas, movies, documentaries and many more. No Bento has nothing to do with food though the spelling is similar to the Japanese word for "lunchbox" lol.

For a person like me who lives like a hermit, with a laptop as the only 'canggih' device in the whole house lol i never knew TV these days works exactly like our smart phones. Soon i foresee a touchscreen version instead of being remote controlled or a special kind of remote design which makes typing search words more convenient. As we speak who knows it's already in production :P
I personally don't like to download movies (torrent) because it takes so long with slow wifi and after watching the movie we don't tend to keep it due to our limited storage space.

Bento Live is available not only on Samsung Smart TV but also available on laptops and android phones so you can stream free movies anywhere, anytime for free.
The movie selections they have here is rather unique instead of offering all the mainstream movies that are easily available, they carefully select award winning international movies that never hit big screens but in my opinion usually movies like these are something worth watching.

I have a new favourite movie right now thanks to Bento Live - My Life in Ruins :D
Never did i expect a free streaming movie to be so clear and very minimal interruptions during it's buffering (loading) period. Just a simple sign up creating a Bento Live account, you don't necessary must have a samsung account in order to register ya. It is open to all.

Doesn't matter what kind of screen size you have Bento Live can easily handle it like this 75" Smart TV from Samsung. First time seeing such a HUGE TV, which is sure to crush me if it ever do falls lol *choiiii touchwood*.
Bento Live services provide HD quality movies with available subtitles like English ands Bahasa, don't worry more subtitle languages will be added soon.
Currently Bento Live app comes ONLY with Samsung Smart TV, so with every purchase of a samsung smart TV Bento Live app is already one of the ready to use apps on your homepage.

Bento live Android app is available for download at RM6.50 one time only but is free if you own a Samsung mobile device and download through the Samsung app store. See i toldja being a samsung user has nothing but rewards :-P Regret for not listening to me now guys? 
Moreover aside from just sharing this great discovery i am also gonna share about Brnto Live's Share and Win Contest which they will be giving out  2x Samsung 40” Smart TVs every month!!
No purchase is required all you have to do is complete these simple 4 steps:-

i. Register an account on
ii. Like the Bento Live facebook page (
iii. Share the contest post:
iv. Reply on contest post of your favourite movie.


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