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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years before becoming a mom of 2 beautiful girls and i love sharing about Beauty, fashion and everything about Japan because i'm currently based in Kyoto!
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My Top 5 WTB List on Rakuten

Yea babeh! Shopaholic queen is back with a list of things i would love to get for myself if i do have the extra cash but unfortunately it always ends up going into my "wishlist" basket instead of checkout as my financial status doesn't permits it lol.

Every month i earn enough to pay my rent, eat and basic essentials, for leisure shopping is kinda hard and rare as i do not have the budget. Also i am trying to save up to travel to Japan this year, so the only shopping i usually get are materials to make costumes (that also i kedekut abit lol).
That's why it sucks to freelance, there are such things as "dry period" where we don't even get jobs, or when we do payment gets delayed for months.

Not everyday you get see a contest like this, blog about the top 5 items you would really want to get and stand a chance to win RM100 Rakuten Cash Voucher.
Since it's just blogging so why not join? 8D 
I constantly browse all these E-commerce sites looking for the latest deals & promotions wishing someday i would be able to own them, mostly items that are beneficial, there is a difference between WANTS & NEEDS. 
But yea like i said, masuk tong "wishlist" je (-_-) /sobs

No.1 : Original Jabra SPORT Wireless+ Bluetooth Stereo Headset

Yes, gym & fitness people like me needs a GOOD ass headset to keep the music pumping in our ears while we work out but unfortunately ordinary earphones can’t do that magic L
When I go for runs on the threadmill, imagine those annoying earphone wires getting tangled or snagged and there goes your phone flying off the threadmill and unto the floor with a LOUD THUD. That pain, especially if your phone is new lol.

Also how about scenario 2?
When you run those earphones just can’t keep put in your ear holes, the vigorous movements make them pop out easily and imagine going for a marathon having to run with 2 hands pushing in the earphones trying to prevent those stupid things from popping out.

That’s why we NEED THIS: Original Jabra SPORT Wireless+ Bluetooth Stereo Headset
Can hear the angels of all athletes singings “Hallelujah” in my ears already lol!


Aside it looking like it came out from Captain America & Iron Man movie, who wouldn’t want to look chic in this piece?
Being like the rabit in Alice in wonderland (I’m Late!) who constantly looses track of time easily, a watch is something I need on my wrist and wearing this will surely make me punctual as I can’t help staring at it every 5 mins because I can imagine Chris Evans face on it Lol.

And to quote Loki's words in Thor 2 (The Dark world) :
So who doesn't want to feel confident and surging with righteousness? :P

No.3: Brightway Air Fryer

To be honest I have not had fried food (KFC, or anything else) for over 5 years due to my paranoia with oil, though I know oil is essential in our lives internal and external (I feel like a car now, that need lubricating lol).
Being Bulimic and Anorexic (not self proclaimed but certified by specialists) for  almost 5 years is truly a struggle, that’s how much my fear is towards weight gain. It’s to the point that it is abnormal.

 I am not blindly following the trend of people who go raving about “Air Fryers”, but I personally think this can help me accept oil, while being able to enjoy occasional Fried food again like a normal person.
Trust me, even the most fittest gym junkie in the world with huge ass muscles likes their Fried Chicken.
Please help me make this wish come true Rakuten Malayisa!

And last but not least, if given a chance to leave everything behind and start a new life and adventure elsewhere I would take that opportunity without hesitating.
But first, I would need a sturdy travel bagpack to carry my necessary things with me and I usually find all those bagpack colours rather boring (1 or 2 tones) without any designs, as a fashionista, standing out is my forte :P
So why not something that reflects who I am while I am on the road, taking on a new place without forgetting who I am.
If everything in life doesn’t turn out for me here, I would pack up and go. Don’t worry I’ll make sure to take pictures of my travels feat this bagpack in every photo instead of my face and tag @RakutenMalaysia haha!

Showdown Herculean 60L Travel Backpack :

WAIT! Just realised I just have 4 on my list, so happened I came across this shirt on Rakuten that looks exactly like the dog I once lived with, named Tessa . She was a Border Collie and that makes her super darn smart for her own good lo. Oh, how I miss her so so much…wish I could see and hug her again (shit..can’t believe I am actually tearing as I type this).
That’s why this shirt brings back so much wonderful memories of me and her, well she wasn’t black per say but she does look like this!
I’m seriously not kidding lol.
Cococorner - Unisex - UNI-18:

Well having this shirt with me during with my travels would be pleasant, it’s like I get to bring #TessaTheCollie everywhere with me :)

See toldja i wasn't kidding about Tessa! 

Do hope this wishlist post entertained you guys!
Keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll be selected as one of the winners >.<
You can check out the products at Rakuten Malaysia This post is an entry for the ShopCoupons X Rakuten Blogger contest. Being hosted by ShopCoupons. Rakuten voucher sponsored by Rakuten Malaysia.


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