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If you are in for an adventure paired with lengthy, quirky, brutal honest thoughts then you are in the right place my friend.

My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years before becoming a mom of 2 beautiful girls and i love sharing about Beauty, fashion and everything about Japan because i'm currently based in Kyoto!
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Traveloka Bloggers Contest Entry

People constantly complain they are getting Monday blues, tell me about Friday Blues!
The whole day i totally feel like crap, wanted to hit the gym to get some adrenaline pumping then i realised what's the point since that doesn't work all the time, started sewing from lunchtime till evening and still didn't cheer me up at all.
Seeing my cat so happy & chilled how i wish i could be like him :-(

Maybe i need a break, a getaway or something but then again who am i to go with? Going alone is good if i am looking for an inspiration or self discovery but right now don't think i need any of that *sigh*.
Looking back at my younger days i used to YOLO hop on the train and get off the next state, sleep at the station and go home the next day. Right now i feel so old & tired to do this anymore, i need a PROPER getaway to relax lol that's why i am looking through my old photos on places (local) i would like to revisit again soon if possible before my Bali & Japan trip this October :D
Trying my luck with the Traveloka blogging contest since there is a prize of USD300 to be given out, more details visit HERE.
So torn between Penang or Langkawi, please don't suggest me to do both because i no budget later for my Bali & Japan trip XD
I've never been to CF mini before since they started up with it to allow our fellow ACG brothers & sisters up northeast to have a taste of Comicfiesta and also to share the word :)
This year's CF mini would be on 5-6 September 2015 and if you are looking for flights to Penang you can check out BEST PRICE (cheap) flights here: Flight to Penang

But if i were to go for CF mini then i might need to start "chiong-ing" (term used by cosplayers to do rush sewing lol) which means more stress again haha! 
Hmm....cosplay or relaxing with booze by the beach watching a sunset?
Both also sounds tempting *ARGHHH!* If i were to ask you guys, which would you pick? :-P
Oh and for cosplayers looking for rooms near Straits Quay Convention Center also can look up using Traveloka.  

Though i just came back from LIMA'15 earlier this year but still want to go back because i felt like i didn't get to savour much of this duty free island 8D
Yes...didn't grab much chocolates, didn't get to play on the beach or swim in the sea because i was busy working. Langkawi's sunsets i might add are one of the most breathtaking sights i've ever seen in Malaysia can't even compare to perhentian but at least their beach is super clean compared to Langkawi lol.

Isn't it a beauty? 
This was taken 2 years ago on my last LIMA'13 visit by the docks.

Sadly this LIMA'15 was a rush trip and also mentally exhausting, and if i were to select Langkawi as my getaway i would make sure my chalet/ hotel would be next to the beach so i can watch the sunset & sunrise :D
What do you guys like about Langkawi aside from duty free booze and chocolates? lolol.
Regretted not knowing about Traveloka earlier this year as i paid double the price of my flight ticket back to KL during LIMA'15 *sobs* half my gaji from work gone lol. Now at least with Traveloka i get to check Flights to Langkawi at cheap prices :D
Not too worried about accommodation as i can easily book my room using Traveloka too, it's like an all in one service site for travellers worldwide. So if you are looking to plan any future travels you can try out their website: www.traveloka.com.

Funny thing is when it comes to holidays not many would consider travelling locally because they overlook all the attractions our country has to offer. Langkawi may not have awesome food like Penang or Melaka but still they have tons of other activities to make up for the lack of food attraction.
Like their cable car ride with breathtaking view, underwater world, folklore museum, water activities & many more, also the best part is everywhere you go they'll definitely be a duty free shop for you to get chocolates & booze 8D

Time to get overloaded with chocolates like in Willy Wonka's factory!

Image credits to naturallylangkawi.my

I am not telling you to ditch your diet or anything, going to langkawi means tons of exercises too lol like walking minimal 4-5km daily, diving, swimming, trekking and hey eating is a form of exercise too (for your jaw :P).
So skip your taxi rides and opt for more walking so nobody can guilt-trip you whenever you reach out for a bar of chocolate to snack on this entire trip XD
But all those IF you are feeling adventurous la, for me? Think i am just gonna sloth around on the beach, drink whisky on the rocks & eat chocolates while getting tanned :-P

So pretty please Traveloka, send me to my dream destination!
I'll make sure to spam my instagram & facebook with all my travel pictures & hashtag you guys, making sure everyone else jelly so they'll hop on over to your website and quickly make a booking for their next holiday ok? Lol.

Out Of Topic
Now talking about travelling, still have not found a place to stay for my Japan trip lol. Can't decide which area i would be visiting after あなた 's exam in Tokyo area.
Was planning on visiting Kyoto shrines, Fuji-Q Highland but not sure if i can squeeze all of them in less than a week XD
I'll be in Japan from 4th October till 9th October, if you happen to be there let's catch up & makan together k? :D


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