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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years before becoming a mom of 2 beautiful girls and i love sharing about Beauty, fashion and everything about Japan because i'm currently based in Kyoto!
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Everlasting Flowers by ValerieYan Creation's

Every girl wishes at one point of their lives that a guy would sweep her off her feet, surprises her with her favorite type of flowers occasionally and shower her with unconditional love but eventually all those fade and wither away eventually as nature permits it.

Sound rather sad when you think of it right now.
Life is a sad cycle anyway.

Love is nothing on it's own without any efforts just as how flowers are without anything to keep them from dying. What if there is a solution to show your other half that your love for them will stay bloomed and fresh just like these preserved flowers from ValerieYan Creation's?
Some adults might think of this as a childish fantasy of the moment between two new fresh lovebirds but this definitely beats being given typical bouquet of fresh flowers that costs x1000 more, waste of space, create awkward stares in workplaces (some people don't mind the attention) and eventually dies after a week before you have to toss them out.

And by tossing them out it feels like you are tossing your lover's efforts, money & affections lol.
Really, if they give a bouquet of vegetables also it would have been more useful compared to a bunch of flowers waiting to die. At least your partner can cook a decent meal with that vegetable bouquet lol wtf. 

I know that i stress this many times over but no one cares anyway (all my ex-s & ex-dates) that i am not the kind of girl who fusses over materialistic things, in fact i think i am one of the lowest maintenance girls around since i don't like luxury and only eat home-cooked food with occasionally outside food treats. The only thing i ask for is for my partner to be loving and thoughtful, shower me with love, kisses and and hugs. Nothing more.
But guess some guys would rather spend money to buy a girl's heart because it's easier that way.

That could be the reason why all my relationships end up failing every single time, gets so tiring that i do not want to even think of men anymore. More reasons for me to start being anorexic again so i can love myself like i did in the past, instead of loathing myself everyday with this current body size.

Sorry out of topic again, but yea there are many types of girls in this world and i would say if you have gotten yourself a rare unicorn species, please take care of her and not give up on her.
The reason why she is rare in the first place makes her even more of a prized possession which you should be grateful for instead of whining how hard it is to "handle" her.
Be a man, grow a set and do the right thing, don't use excuses to get out of situations when you finally feel that it's too much for you to handle.

Your girl might not ask to be showered in lavish things but love and that doesn't mean it's wrong to surprise her once in awhile with a small meaningful gift like this preserved flowers by ValerieYan does the trick pretty well. It's one of a kind, limited and actually still alive according to the creator herself whom imported it from Japan. These flowers alone are a masterpiece, skillfully arranged with so much passion and patience hence it's not mass produced to keep it special.

Watch the video, it's made with so much love from me ok? :P

So if you have run out of ideas this Valentine's or Birthday gift ideas this year, why don't you pay ValerieYan Creation's a visit to pick out a unique and meaningful gift?
For brides to be, getting preserved flowers as your bouquet would also be a great choice since this shop accepts customized orders with wide selections of colors with allows you to coordinate according to your wedding theme and make sure to pick out some beautiful floral head garlands for your brides maids.

If i do ever get married one day, i would definitely reach out to ValerieYan's for the flower section, but i do apologize in advance that it might not be so soon or even ever lol.

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