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REO Suite Visit

Gosh...never thought i would actually say this but now i do want a home of my own one day in Malaysia (Yes, i used to say die die i don't want to stay in this country lol) if all of them had a home and office concept like the REO suite showroom i've just visited recently after seeing the hype and postings all over blogs and facebook! Checking out what's all the buzz about was a great decision and seriously the photos posted online looks really inviting and when i did finally drop by a for a visit, i am totally wishing i could actually live here already.

Can you imagine waking everyday to your owndesigner suite that readily look exactly what you dreamed off but could never actually get it out of your head since you browse pintrest lol but now apparently you can as most development projects are heading towards that direction where we finally can embrace art and the freedom of express it in our life, and this starts within our very own 4 walls.

As a person who don't really like talking about investment, property (boring topic for me lol) of the "future", let alone asking me to visit showrooms are something i would usually decline. But for REO suite, i decided to take my own initiative to drop by because of the unique concept they have to offer and like i said THIS IS A RARE moment, arisa visiting property showrooms? Pigs must have started to fly already lol :D

It's located within One City vicinity, and i came to know of this area thanks to Venus's Universal Cosplay Community (UCC) event which was held here last year and coming back next year for the 2nd time in a row with a villain theme (come join us), plus i was just recently here less than 3 weeks ago to film UCC's promotional video. Sounds like dejavu eh? Or it's a sign i am somehow share a special connection with One City haha! 
Can foresee myself coming to One City area more often especially now it's rapidly developing into an "up & coming" area just like central KL but minus the traffic congestion lol.

Upon stepping in there the first thing that came to my mind is "i can finally see my future for once lol" being able to work in an environment like this, it's definitely a barrier breakthrough from the boring white office walls that de-motivates you every time you stepped into your cubicle lol.
As we all know how Google offices inc-operated the open space work concept, allowing their staffs to breathe freely and take a break in their awesome activity room equipped with games and all, which some companies too are starting to accept this arrangement (but only a handful and mostly only creative fields). Anyway studies has also proven that with a healthy work environment like this people our generation tend to be more productive than those boring offices lol.

Punching bag and a snooker table? I'm sold :D

If you are an entrepreneur starting up your own company, i am pretty sure your dream office would be somewhat like this too  ;)
More reasons for you to visit REO suite to learn more about their concept and who knows eventually seal a deal lol. Or if you have bosses who are looking to upgrade the company's offices, this would be a great place to suggest.

I noticed the room size in REO suite showroom might be 'limited' but yet the way they arranged the multi-way furnitures is pure genius! It somewhat reminds me of those small yet cozy room concept in Japan which got everyone in every part of the world wish they had it in their own country.
Having a cozy home doesn't mean it has to be big, a small one like this but with every inch well utilized without it being too crowded is enough for me (at least lol, not sure about you guys). Brownie points for the foldout wall beds and tables!

More reasons to work hard for, a dream home that i can make it my work studio and safe haven.

I don't deny that times are tough especially with our current economy, poor currency and all but look on the bright side knowing that you can never go wrong in property investment whom your generations will one day thank you for it :)
If you guys are keen to visit the showroom, inquire and learn more about it feel free to visit the links below :

REO Suite:

Can i have this wall paper background in my house too? :-D

Signing off,

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