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BISA PAK by TuneTalk

I have great news to all my Indonesian readers and friends who are planning to come down to Malaysia for holidays and still stay connected to your loved ones back home without spending too much on obnoxious data packages or pocket wifi that charges you daily!
We all know how close we are to each other, that we are only a short plane flight away but sometimes we can't help wanting to hear the voices of our loved ones during travels or just to share random updates on our whereabouts because i know i do that whenever i travel :-P
Indonesia, hopefully one day i'll get to visit this beautiful country as i have quite a number of cosplay friends & readers over there that i am dying to meet! Supposed to go there last year as an invited cosplayer guest but after the scam issue (you can read about it here), so there goes my opportunity to visit Indonesia last October T.T
But i promise that i'll go over one day, for holiday or work, i promise to visit Indonesia at least once :)

Jason Lo, CEO of Tunetalk officiating Bisa Pak earlier this week.

TuneTalk listens and is now offering new sim pack specifically for our Indonesian friends that works or current lives in Malaysia which allows them to stay connected at a very affordable IDD rate but from the way i see it, this sim pack is also potential for Indonesian tourists here in Malaysia too as the charges are really, really low if we were to compare renting pocket Wifi and buying a local simcard.

When i was in Thailand 2 years ago, i found out that buying a local sim card that has a data plan for only RM30 and i can use it over a week meanwhile if i were to rent pocket wifi it could have easily cost more and back 2 years ago, all these pocket datas weren't such a hype so the prices were much higher back then. Right now at least you can get the as low as RM25/day depending on the countries you are travelling to.

Pretty sure most of you would like to know about the pricing package for BISA PAK, so i should keep you guys waiting further.
The rates are reasonable and considered the first of it's kind to offer such packages to our fellow Indonesian neighbors. There will be an in depth write up soon on, so make sure to subscribe to their websites to get first hand notifications on the latest tech news & reviews (shamelessly promoting my workplace lol). 

More reasons for you guys to come down here and visit me haha, just kidding!
At least i hope this information is useful to you guys who have friends who are currently working or living in Malaysia.
For more details feel free to visit their website:


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