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If you are in for an adventure paired with lengthy, quirky, brutal honest thoughts then you are in the right place my friend.

My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years before becoming a mom of 2 beautiful girls and i love sharing about Beauty, fashion and everything about Japan because i'm currently based in Kyoto!
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First Soft Serve @ MilkCow & Girltalk

I know i am kinda late with food fads but, i always feel that going to try when there is less people feels less stressful compared to when it's newly launched lol.
Despite it being a short session of mostly me ranting, sorry Reiko your poor ears must have bleed at the end of it haha but thanks for listening!
You know how funny it is for friends we barely meet or catch up (since i moved away from KL) but can always hold back a conversation like none of us has left our previous one whether it's weeks ago or even a year ago.
Do appreciate small things like that, i know my circle of friends is blardy small but it's better to keep it that way then to mix around with all the fakes and cause more emotional stress when my whole life is already stressful enough.

Milk & Honey

Before we get into the deep stuff, just want to share about this amazing organic soft serve introduced by Reiko :D
Since she had time to spare while waiting for her date, we decided to pick a place that we can chill for abit and boy..leaving girls to decide a place is somewhat difficult lol.
Think the only reason we agreed to be here is because they were having a "happy hour" promotion on certain flavors, selling only at RM8 while their usual menu costs RM11 onwards.
Kinda pricey for just a cup of soft serve ice cream if you ask me but for the experience sake, can close one eye la lol.

Think their happy hour is like 3-5pm or something, you guys gotta check on their facebook because my memory isn't too good lel, old already.
One thing that does turn me off about this place as the word "organic", when a brand markets themselves as "organic" it basically gives them a reason to jack up the pricing. But at least the ice cream tastes good, if not i'll be flipping all their tables for the unworthy purchase.
Food these days ain't cheap and it's not like we are earning enough to cover our monthly expenses, but once in a while to have a treat like this is alright i guess since the weather is being a pain in the ass and heard it's gonna be this hot till June, wtf.

So thank you Reiko for treating me to my very first soft serve ice cream at Milkcow!
Really grateful for it :) 
Highly recommend the Milk & Honey flavor since it's the least calories on the menu, simple yet satisfying for honey lovers.

No matter how hard we work, we will never be "feymes" like all those leeches in the blogging community lol. Amen to that sister. Visit Reiko's blog here: filled with interesting fashion posts (she's a full time hot momma model) and beauty tutorials!

You always give the best advice even if it sounds insulting (sounds funny to me actually lol), listen to all my rubbish but never once judge me, Supported me as a designer and a blogger and i really wish there are more ways for me to express my gratitude than just saying 'Thank You'.
Hope i can be more of a better friend that gets her shits together instead of always succumbing to depression, it's all smiles outside but inside it eats me up till there's nothing life.
Thinking back, maybe i should put in more effort to drag my ass out from my busy life and spend it talking kok like this. Kinda find it therapeutic in a way lol, guess that's why we have therapy sessions with the psychologist that consists of just mindless talking.

Not many know about my history, how i came to be the person i am today (broken piece of sh*t) and how i am struggling to get my life back in order because the pressure to be "normal" is great. In this world if you are oddball, be prepared to be mocked the rest of your life because whatever you do that makes you feel comfortable is questionable by society. It does get kind of tiring after awhile, especially when people around you who don't understand so the throw comments like "do what makes you happy", "i understand your problems" (no you don't d*ckheads), "ignore everyone else la", "just be yourself", etc. Just listing out the few annoying words we hear repeatedly everyday as a depressed or mentally ill patient. 

We know some a sincere but they do not know how else they can help but to offer sympathetic words, but in the end it's simple we don't need sympathy but understanding. Try looking things from our perspective and you'll understand us better than assuming based on your so called intensive research and knowledge about the human mind.

I am quite perplexed myself whenever i'm asked a question like what's exactly going on in my head.
But i can only reply, "I don't know, honestly". Just not in the right shape i guess?

For now since i have been off my medication for almost a year, still trying to stabilized myself aside from occasional yo-yo episodes but overall i guess i am doing okay la.
Good at hiding that's for sure lol, dodging the subject unless being confronted which i would still decline to share if i am not up for it. 
Noticed getting sufficient rest and certain amount of adrenaline running is crucial for me to stay sane at this point of time but we can't always have them when 80% we feel so sluggish and unproductive, meh. Guess that's all i have to share for now because my mind is going blank soon while this whole month is going to be a busy one for me since i'm still house hunting and will be starting my new job soon. Wish me luck!


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