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How to Perfect Your Second Date

You probably know that relationships have various stages – truly many important steps! However, one of them is rather underestimated. Today we are going to talk about the second date. We asked beautiful girls on dating site to help us with ways to enhance the impression you make during the second date. Some awkwardness of the first date can be forgiven because you just do not know each other. But what happens during your second date determines if you are going to be a couple or not. In fact, girls told us that they remember the same number of both first and second dates gone wrong. Hope you find Jump4Love Dating Company exclusive guide useful!

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1. Act naturally. 

No, we are not going to say, “Be yourself”. We are assured that everyone has already noticed that this universal lie does not work consistently. Actually, when the second date considered unsuccessful, it is because the man was trying too hard and ended up sounding forced and unnatural. Even the most self-confident girl (which is quite a rarity) feels uncomfortable during first several dates. Everything you do and say will either comfort or distress her. Pay attention to how you speak. Higher pitch of your voice sounds artificial and annoying. Avoid using clichés and pickup lines. It might be funny and cute on the first date but now it is irrelevant. 

2. Think of a new date activity. 

People often suggest a dinner or cinema are great choices for a date. It might be so, but not within the first phase of your developing relationships. What you need to achieve during first several dates is mutual understandings of your aspirations and ideas of relationships and family. Moreover, your physical connection is necessary. No need to be assertive – permanent touching and kissing might seem obnoxious. You should choose something simple yet entertaining. Sports, or other physical activities, such as hiking and jogging, make your date both amusing and enjoyable. Taking a boat ride or going to a zoo also work perfectly for learning each other.

3. Use your first-date experience. 

You have probably been talking about something interesting if she decided to reply to your second date invitation. A man’s memory is the quickest way to a woman’s heart. Show her you remembered details she mentioned on your last date. This will win her over, guaranteed. Girls go crazy when a man remembers things she said about herself. As well, to avoid awkwardness and clumsiness of your dialogue, you can use topics you discussed during your first meeting to build a new dialogue. Your overall interest to her personality will let her understand that you have serious intentions.

4. Involve body language. 

You should check if your gestures look inviting and your voice sounds soft. The girl has to be relaxed, not scared and astonished. Looking into a woman’s eyes shows her that you have self-confidence and that you can be trusted. It will make her feel important, attractive, and it will get both your pheromones going. It will also demonstrate your attention to her inner world. She probably knows that her exterior is attractive; you have to make her believe that her soul and intelligence are the things that you appreciate most.

5. Simple tricks to improve the effect.

Do not bring gifts, especially the expensive ones. You may get her a bouquet but only if you are going to spend the day in café or at another place, where she (or you) will not have to carry it all the time. Compliments work perfectly. However, you should be careful with that – some of them sound cheesy. Let her understand that you appreciate her character and good qualities. Make her feel wanted, but do not put yourself below her.

Contributed by: Viktor Berger (Lifestyle blogger)

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