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Kipling's KAEON & The Jungle Book Movie 2016 Review

The weekend hasn't ended yet and i don't want it to even end since i'm having fun living for once in my life. It might appear tiring physically but from the mental outlook this is a great way to know that im alive and every opportunity that has fallen into place so far is a blessing in disguise :)
My rocking weekend started great because on Friday night itself i was invited by Kipling Malaysia to catch the movie which i wanted to watch so badly since the announcement & trailers last year- The Jungle Book.

I'm sure i am not the only one who was anticipating eagerly for this childhood movie of mine to officially hit the big screens right? Everyone practically grew up either reading or watching Kipling's The Jungle Book, if you have not i am not sure what kind of childhood you had but all i can say is you missed out on something good lol :P
So happen in conjunction of the release of this movie, Kipling Malaysia has recently launched their newest spring collection of trendy bags called KAEON!

Part of KAEON's collection

Most of you might have heard/saw the brand Kipling before with their trademark monkey keychains hanging from their bags but paid no attention to origins of the name, so now you know the name was from the author who created The Jungle Book. That is how the birth of Kipling fashion brand came about and the reason behind the fun aesthetic of the brand.

What i do love about Kipling bags is not only their designs improved over the years catering to more trendy needs without compromising their sole functionality like their lightweight durable fabrics that is made for easier maintenance.
However KAEON series is a unique innovation of it's own as it has 4 core purpose behind the birth of this collection compared to it's siblings before them.
It is made from innovative Aires material unique to kipling, Impossible strong and water repellent (I NEED THIS!), Produced with smart technology and super easy to maintain without any hassle.
Something i really..let me repeat again, REALLY NEED to have in my life if i ever am able to finally afford my first Kipling bag lol. If not i'll just dream on la :P 

Just adore the motifs and color combo!

For a person like me who emphasizes  alot on fashion & functionality, i do believe KAEON is a suitable choice for my active lifestyle needs especially since i walk outside alot with our typical unpredictable Malaysian weather (scorching sun & sudden downpours) so their waterproof bags would be useful in protecting my camera and other important stuff. Plus it looks spacious too!
Check out my first pick upon arriving at the event, can tell it was LOVE at first sight lol, can imagine myself with much more brighter OOTDs if i had this bag.
Also i've been using my black bag pack i got from taobao 3 years ago and it's starting to tear apart from constant usage and frequent travels, no doubt it has served me quite well :)
So please Kipling Malaysia, if i could have one wish granted, all i wish is to have this red bag pack from the KAEON collection *wishes*.

Yep, this bag has my name on it alright *i wish lol*

If there was a best dressed title, think Reiko would have easily nabbed it XD
Nice to finally meet you Peiyue!

So there's my rambling about the fashion section now moving on to the movie which i can help myself from saying this to every friend i meet," PLEASE GO & WATCH! Definitely worth it!".
Reminiscence of my childhood since i used to watch the cartoon on video tape (back then CDs weren't even available easily & it was considered as luxury) with my late grandfather who was obviously bored to death from my fascination with this show lol but he did humor me and always re-winded back the tape after each session.
I am not going to share any spoilers because there isn't any in the first place unless someone decides to be a d*ck and type out the whole movie script in their blog post la lol, those kind too free and nothing better to do.

Baloo: "He is Special"
Bagheera: "I know, because i raised him"

If you have read the book or watched the cartoon or did even both, just expect a much better version of it portrayed by convincing CGIs. The voice actors and actresses did an amazing job bringing each character to life even if their appearance was a brief one but it does leave an impression.
Don't expect this movie to be long and draggy like your usual blockbusters as the story line is kept sweet, simple and true to the book with a hint of the director's creativity in shooting each frame.
Can't stop spazzing that they included (almost) every single song from the cartoon in this movie, so i don't blame you if you suddenly find yourself humming or singing to it :P

Bagheera and Baloo will always be my 2 favorite characters in the movie, even right now as an adult i still find this duo a great sport since one has a flare for sarcasm and the other is just too carefree lol.
This might be a rather short movie review but really, less talking would be better since it don't to spoil all the fun! If you are wondering whether it's suitable to bring your kids to watch, yes it is but do take note that some realistic animal effects might scare younger children, alongside with some dialogues. But overall in my opinion-lah, it's a great movie enjoyable for people of all ages just make sure your kid isn't the crying or noisy type (be considerate as others are paying to enjoy this movie too) that might cry when shere khan roars lol. 
Because i know myself as a kid was pretty much terrified of lions and tigers (all big cats) and always cried when i was placed near them during family zoo visits haha! And part of it did follow me till adulthood, like the jumpiness at the sound of their roars lol but other than that i love all kinds of cats.

Thank you once again Kipling Malaysia for the wonderful movie screening!
Do follow them on their official Facebook page for the latest updates & promotional activities. 
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