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Smart Travel Planning with Traveloka

Holidays, just started work and I am already planning one for end of the year but with the recent news of prices surges (not sure when will this be active) on our local airlines kinda left me feeling bummed about travelling. Let’s face it, not all of us can afford luxury holidays, so we do everything we can to find holidays that can stretch our dollar (our case is sadly ringgit la lol) till it’s every worth and that means MORE time spent on research than just visiting a travel agency to pick up one of their tour packages.

Taken at Shibuya Crossing

But i honestly do not mind travelling on a budget, without a tour group because it gives me more control and flexibility over my own holiday. Plus it’s cheaper to do discover a foreign country without a tour guide sometimes as that’s when you discover hidden gems that are not included in the itinerary! Like how i did on my very first Japan trip last October, blending among the locals i did discover some nice places to eat & shop despite the language barrier i had. Well google translator and a few other Japanese to English apps did come in handy!

Today i am going to share how i would usually do my research to get the best price for my Japan travels for both accommodation & flight bookings. Before discovering Traveloka, i did follow a few of my friends’ recommendations like Skyscanner, Agoda (my friend works here), and a few others which i can’t recall but i am sure you’ll know it especially if you are constantly looking for cheap flight tickets to visit your dream destination like me lol. But now, all i have to do is camp in front of Traveloka daily to see the latest promotions offered without having to constantly look up multiple websites. Everything under one roof, makes life so much convenient.

Tokyo Disneyland, Chiba

The name of the website sounds familiar right, that’s because it was mentioned on my blog last year when i needed last minute accommodation to Japan, you can read about my traumatizing moment under my “Japan Archive” under my blog tags. It was a nightmare indeed, but that didn’t dampen my love for travelling but made me smarter when it comes to decision making and budgeting. Just because it’s last minute (unforeseen circumstances) doesn’t mean one has to pay x10000 times more, which defeats the whole purpose of a budget travel plan. 

Now i am thinking of which part of Japan to explore next since i have already visited Tokyo, Kyoto, Saitama & Chiba. Wouldn’t mind going back to revisit those places because knowing Japan they always have new surprises every season/ year that never ceased to amaze me!

But for now all i want to do is to jump onto the next flight to volunteer to help out Kumamoto after their recent series of quakes. Thank goodness that the latest update is that they are slowly recovering and even some of our local friends who are studying/ working there are on the reserved volunteer list (you guys are awesome!). Just hope no more random quake attacks till they are fully recovered at least, it’s really devastating to see your favourite country being so helpless to Mother nature’s wrath.

If the recovery process goes well, then it’s decided i should visit Kumamon this Autumn to pay my respects and support their tourism market :)
Also it’s nearby to Osaka, can always take the train to spend a few days in Osaka if i need a change of scenery since i have yet to visit Osaka & Kumamoto prefectures. Finally can meet the famous Glico Running Man signboard and Universal Studios (Harry Potter yay!), plus remember this SugiBee honey i love so much? Hoping their farms in Kumamoto is open for tourist visits as i would love to see how they harvest their delicious honey.

Okay, everything is set. Next destination to camp for on Traveloka is Osaka, now all i need to do is work harder and earn more for my holiday lol. Any of you guys planning for your holiday already, or it’s too early? :-P
For me no such thing as too early lol, usually the best deals are bought one year in advance, don’t you agree? Hope this post is helpful and sets you in the right mood to start researching for your upcoming travels.


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