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AtoZ Computer Media- Malaysia's Leading One Stop Store

Hey look, same printer model on AtoZ!

Shopping for tech stuff, how many of you like me HATES going to Lowyat to search for tech stuff, let see see a show of hands lol, first of all the traffic from PJ to KL on weekends are terrible even when it's not raining, 2nd is finding parking without it costing a bomb if you are planning to stay in KL the whole day (ugh), 3rd-ly the annoying sales people in lowyat who act like uncivilized banshees who cat call or "amoi" "amoi" you which gets seriously annoying especially when it's almost every single shop on every level that does that :-/

And when you have bright colored hair like mine, it attracts unwanted attention from all the hooligans lepak-ing around town,  being harassed verbally constantly isn't fun at all even though some of you might disagree with me and say "just ignore" but put yourself in my shoes everyday before you speak!
That's why i prefer to shop online these days, saves me the public harassment, tiring long drive into town, expensive tolls & parking.

For a tech noobie like me, finding the right kind of gadget is usually a feat because i can't tell heads or tails of it but all i know is i want something that functions well without me throwing it out the window lol you have no idea how unlucky i am with gadgets most of the time. It's like this saying from my Malay friends- "Tak ada Jodoh", something like "Not Meant To Be" lol wtf.
So expecting me to visit every floor in lowyat plaza, you'll guaranteed to see me leave empty handed after a whole day because there are just too many things to compare and browse, if i wasn't there with a friend who at least knows their stuff i could have been one of those gullible victims of these verocious sales people. No one likes to be bugged when they are leisurely browsing ya'know, it's a total TURN OFF!

Explains why I've been procrastinating for such a long time to get my very own printer despite needing it so badly for work purposes. 
The pain of having to drive all the way back to my parent's place in the middle of the night just to make an urgent print because all shops are closed & my area doesn't have a printing shop. It's been like this since i moved to PJ as back in college the area i studied in had tons of printing services even 24 hour ones because it was a student area and you know by the time we finish an assignment it's already 4-5am right before needing to hand it over at 8am.
How i wish PJ area is like that too but sadly no unless you are living near colleges lol.

But thank the heavens for listening to my needs lol, just recently a friend offered to loan me his extra printer which he could not sell off due to wrong purchase, instead of collecting dust at least it's being used- according to him. I've been rejoicing ever since because it has a scanner too, so i can now scan my sketches and edit them on A.I for designing which i couldn't do so before that. Thank you so much! Guess i was too excited to use my new toy until i was wondering why nothing came out of the printer after a couple of tries lol.

And I thought getting a printer will solve all my printing problems but guess being a ditzy girl, i was wrong about that assumption lol.




Yep, i totally forgot to get them so now the printer is useless without paper! And since i am busy with work to drop by stationary stores to buy a new packet of A4 paper, my new printer is currently sitting at the corner collecting dust lel. 

Genius kan?

But here is when i found out about www.atoz2u.coma website that caters to printing supplies, whether it's the printer itself you need or just paper and ink cartridge AtoZ has it all.
Since they are an online shop, the joy of ordering from home & waiting for it to arrive at your doorstep is so much fun than getting stuck in town XD

Here on AtoZ they have quite a large variety of printing supplies and carries almost every single brand you can imagine! Whole lowyat plaza cramped into one website! Just like their tagline-
"Malaysia's Leading One Stop Store".
Just navigating around itself already feels like im exercising (my eyes lol) none stop scrolling from page after page to see what else i could add into my cart before checking out. They do have a search box to narrow down your searches but of course like i said "i'm a special case" as most of the time i don't really know what i want so that's how i end up spending more time on searches than comparison >.<

But at least now i don't have to deal with anymore harassment, and i can restock my printing needs without giving myself the excuse such as "no time" or "busy" since all i need to do is add into cart & checkout :-P
Those who are looking for office supplies also don't need to search high & low for units that fits the office's budget as AtoZ promises to offer the best deals in town inclusive of original manufacturer warranty & all + delivery to your office's doorstep within same working day if you are within their "Same-Day Delivery Coverage Areas" or else the usual 3-5 working days.

First time seeing a supply shop website that offers SAME DAY delivery as most eCommerce sites usually takes 5-7 working days to deliver which is kinda standard. 

  1. Convenient- Everything found under one roof without leaving home
  2. Efficient- Delivered same day or within 3-5 days  
  3. Reliable & Trustworthy- AtoZ carries reputable brands with warranties 

So what are you waiting for? Save precious time, save money (since the recent 150% increase on parking fees) and get more work done too. Head over to


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