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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years before becoming a mom of 2 beautiful girls and i love sharing about Beauty, fashion and everything about Japan because i'm currently based in Kyoto!
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Markets'19 Bazaar @ Jaya One Annoucement

Can't believe that i'll be doing my next bazaar so soon which is this coming weekend and i have yet to unpack from my previous one by ClosetStyles lol!
Gotta thank Markets by Jaya One for this wonderful collaboration with bloggers, really grateful for this opportunity to experience bazaars as a vendor for a change rather than a visitor.
Gosh..think i might need to get extra help this time round after the previous struggle loading and unloading all my items on the first day but thank goodness i had awesome friends who offered to help me out during the pack up of the event T.T

Will be selling alongside with a few other notable Malaysian bloggers, yay to being booth neighbors and trust me you'll find a wide variety of stuff in this section because of the diversity here :D
Come spend on our booth, tons of cheap clearance stuff mali lol/ shameless advertising  
My favorite Japanese skincare brand- Tansan Magic will also be there, you can check out Ai's booth for a demo session, plus Markets'19 goers will get to enjoy a special pricing rate for these 2 days only! *pops confetti*

Come one, come all!

Sad to admit that i'm longer that "do everything yourself" girl with my current condition which tends to leave me lethargic most of the time even by just sitting down :-/
Really do admire athlete moms who cant still go about doing their routines like nothing has changed while i feel like a beached whale 24/7.
So if you do drop by markets'19 this weekend do drop by the bloggers booth area, will most probably plant my butt there the whole day XD
Also a lil warning to those who are attending, please be cautious of your personal belongings as my friend who opened a booth last Markets got both her phones stolen under her nose by an old couple!
Shame on them, so old but yet no sense of integrity at all.

Really nervous yet excited at the same time for this as the crowd in Markets is insane based on my experience of visiting Markets'16 & Markets'17 last year, so i am hoping that my stuff would be cleared faster too :)

It's really rock bottom prices, the more you purchase you are still eligible for discounts! All you gotta do is be my Facebook/ Instagram or Blog follower to be entitled for an additional RM5 off your total purchase (must be minimal RM20).

There will not only be clothes but also tons of beauty products going as low as RM1 each, don't believe me then drop by to see for yourself :-P
Remember all funds from my preloved section will be contributed to #Mylilparasite funds and not my own pocket, raising a kid single handedly is going to be tough in my small unit, so please help me make space for my baby as well.

See the purple section on the top left of the poster, that's where i'll be.
*Right click to enlarge poster*

Those of you who are not familiar with Markets by Jaya One, here's a slight brief intro for you :-
Markets by Jaya One is the BIGGEST lifestyle bazaar in Klang Valley, with a large amount of variety ranging from artisan foods to handmade products (with love!) and even boutique fashion brands from all over Malaysia gather here for these 2 days for all to experience.
If you have been eyeing a particular online fashion brand but not too sure about the sizing, chances are you'll find them here with the goods all on display for your browsing and assurance!  

Games, contests and performances are in order as no Markets bazaar is complete without these 3 fun activities. Do participate as they have exciting prizes to be given away to the public for being sporting enough :D 
Doesn't harm to have some fun while being rewarded for it no? If you are a fashionista, make sure to snap an OOTD picture and upload it unto instagram, you'll stand a chance to win a curated surprise box from FUNKY BOX worth RM120! 

Go on an empty stomach, there's lotsa samples being handed out in Markets that can fill your tummy lol but please do support our local market as they strive to create unique delicacies just for us.

Shot from Markets'18 (which i missed the last round), there's so many fashion brands there and look at those prices, as low as RM10! 

So if you have some free time this weekend, just drop by Jaya One to stroll around the bazaar, who knows you might end up bringing home a couple of impromptu bargain gems lol and of course with a satisfied tummy too. Hope to see you guys there :)


Location:  The School, Jaya One
                 72, Jalan Universiti, Jaya One,
                 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia


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