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Mikali Store- A Mother's Lifesaver Online Store

Baby stuff, a topic that would soon take up most of my blog posts instead of beauty lol, well at least lil parasite will soon have he/she’s own specially dedicated section on my blog so i can write about its progress and all :)
Funny that a year ago i was still busy looking up on beauty and traveling expos to go to and this year i have experienced a whole 360 degrees change with lil parasite on the way now, so the next logical thing for me to do is to do my research on babies since it’s not something school has prepared you for in life. Attended my first baby expo in Mid Valley about 2 weeks ago, and boy..the crowd is insane @@

The amount of parents going there just to hoard exclusive deals on baby goods but for me it’s a non purchasing moment as i am still trying to survey around (yea, 5th month & still not prepared lol) for products that i can trust and use on lil parasite.

 Look at that crowd *shudders*

That’s when i came across this cute booth named “Mikali Store”, apparently their HQ isn’t too far off from where i stay too! Currently they are operating from online, so the only way you can purchase their imported baby goods (hand picked by them from Korea, Japan & Taiwan) is via their e-store. But soon they will be opening up a mother friendly cafe in Bandar Sri Damansara, which i can’t wait for it because there isn’t much of these kind of places for breastfeeding mothers. I am glad that they took the effort to make this dream come true for all Klang Valley mothers, hopefully they’ll expand throughout Malaysia soon with our support :)

This cafe would be a great place for mothers to chill with their little ones, no one to judge you while you are feeding your child. Makes me wonder why Malaysians are still so conservative about breastfeeding when it’s only natural a baby requires food like how we adults do as well, i mean come on! We were all babies once being breastfed as well right? So why do we judge these poor mothers who are only doing what they need to and what’s worst is that we are not being provided with the facilities like a lactation room whenever we go, only big malls would have one a.k.a diaper changing room/ toilet, to feed a baby in a toilet. Like seriously?
Everyone can look down on mothers and say they are posing indecently in public but they should first of all know that our country isn’t as advanced as other countries out there who even provide expecting mothers with financial support, let alone a lactation room available conveniently. 

In progress, can't wait!

Do hope someday, Malaysia will be like them instead of continuing with their “kolot” ways, am glad that Mikali store has taken the first step in breaking that barrier :)
Progress is going smoothly according to the owners, so can’t wait to share a sneak peek with you guys very soon!

Brief introduction on Mikali Store:-

MIKALI-STORE.COM was founded by a young career mom who loves her kid so much. She devoted the best to them and quit her full time job at year 2014. She started to learn and to improve knowledge about female pregnancy and baby development process. Among are breast feed, Baby Led Weaning (BLW) method, Baby Carrier for newborn and etc. She do believed all the parents equally love their children.
She is here to provide highly recommended product(s) to you so to save your precious time that required to do plenty of researches about the best product(s) suitable for your baby. MIKALI-STORE.COM products are thoroughly screened for quality and to make sure they are safe for your baby. *
For busy parents, MIKALI-STORE.COM also sell fashion apparels online with delivery services.
Finally, MIKALI-STORE.COM provide on demand budget gift wrapping and hamper services for birthday kids, baby shower and etc. Just propose your items, your preference and we will guide you with professional advice and photos. Customers also can customize the gift pack, based on the ideal budget and MIKALI will handle the rest, peace of mind. **

Save your time – with MIKALI-STORE.COM online store.
Save your money – MIKALI-STORE.COM provides the best price.

As you can see Mikali Store’s aim is to cater to busy mothers in Malaysia by making their services a one stop solution to find their mother & child needs without having to go through the hassle of leaving their homes to battle traffic, crowds and parking nightmares. Without a child right now, i already dreading the idea of heading out because of these 3 factors and imagine when the time comes how much more difficult it would be for me having to shop for baby stuff while making sure my child gets breastfeeded on time, and i have no one at home to care for my child if i have to run errands, that means lil parasite would be stuck to me 24/7 even at work. But at one point, we all realized that rushing around like that creates unnecessary stress (which new mothers do not need), so why not just opt for a convenient alternative like shopping online instead.

Mikali Store also carries Buds, an organic, eco-friendly baby product line certified by ECOCERT.
Product of this brand is made from the finest ingredients with biodegradable packaging to make this earth a greener place! Suitable for your precious ones especially if they require extra care due to sensitive skin.

Speaking of baby goods, during the baby expo in Mid Valley I've gotten to try out one of their best selling baby wipes from Korea and found it really gentle to the skin! Biggest regret not getting a couple of them since they were having a promotion on those, lesson learnt whenever attending a baby expo always try to free up the whole day because you’ll end up crawling with the crowd more than seeing stuff ==

This is the wipes i tried!

Wish i had more time to explore Mikali Store stuff and ask all the questions i need about their products to get a better idea on how certain things works lol, sorry all these stuff my mom wouldn’t even tell me because she wasn’t so paranoid as i am today (heck she had 5 kids altogether). All my mom could advise me on was don’t buy this and that (fancy baby stuff), end up won’t use and waste money, save them on essentials XD

Only get them when the time comes and when it’s needed, don’t buy now and end up not using because you don’t even need it since every mother’s needs are different. But most definitely i am looking around for good baby carriers that can support both lil parasite and my back since i’ll be carrying he/she all everyday from 9am-7pm at work, so far I've spotted some interesting ones on Mikali Store is this multi-way carrier from Japan called the Pittari wrap, that’s suitable to support newborns till about 15kg! 

So dear mothers (or fathers reading this post) if you have spotted any interesting on Mikali store, you can catch them at the upcoming KLCC Premium Expo in KLCC this 19th-21st August to touch, feel and test out their products for yourselves!
Don’t be shy to inquire, the owners are really friendly and knowledgeable about baby stuff. I’ll be dropping by to explore too, so see you guys there :)

More details and updates please LIKE their Facebook page: Mikali Store


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