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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years before becoming a mom of 2 beautiful girls and i love sharing about Beauty, fashion and everything about Japan because i'm currently based in Kyoto!
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Basic Contouring Tutorial feat. Maxora

Something you guys have always been asking me "How to contour", guess you finally have that answered with my latest video tutorial, also make sure to watch till the end for a surprise discount code for you to use during Malaysia's Cybersale happening end of this month!
Contouring is pretty straight to the point and everyone can do it with the right product and tools, so i'll be proudly introducing you guys a local cosmetic brand called Maxora from the beauty website

For those of you who aren't aware of this site, best to head over and check it out now as they have tons of make up brands both local and international ones that we usually have trouble getting access to like BHCosmetics, Sleek, etc. What makes them unique is the fact that they only carry in brands that are animal cruelty free (non tested on animals) making it friendly for halal conscious customers.
Some of you might not even know which beauty brands does and doesn't not practice these kind of 
ethical protocols right lol, a little research doesn't harm you :)

Maxora isn't just only a beauty platform for cosmetics brands but also have their own range of cosmetics under them, they are still expanding so there will be more promising items to be added soon! For now they've got your basic make up essentials like the hot trending (still is) version of beauty blenders that have tons of colors to choose from and which brand of beauty blenders even have that option except Maxora?

I'll stick to pink because i'm a stereotypical pink loving girl lol

I usually use beauty blenders for foundation, concealer or cream type of shaders (for contouring) as it provides a natural finishing

Most of them come in fuchsia pink or dark blue which is rather 'normal', to brighten your make up sessions every morning, do opt for colors like light purple or light green!
And guess what? I've been using my beauty blender wrongly for all these years, if maxora hadn't included this lil graphic card in my parcel think i would have continued using these guys dry instead of supposedly dampening them lol.
Kinda failed for a make up junkie eh? I always ASSUMED that it's firm texture is how it is, but never too the initiative to actually google how to use it since in my head was "a sponge is a sponge, just that beauty blenders are overpriced (for the brands i previously bought before discovering Maxora)".
So now at least i know you are supposed to dampen your sponge and wait for it to expand before using it, darn all those foundation and concealer wasted on my previous old beauty blender. Grrr!

Aside from that they also do have their own exclusive 24 pcs Professional Makeup Bushes Set which is sufficient enough for make up enthusiast like me who wants to take a lil step further to "upgrade" and it's about time i expanded my brush usage too (no more comfort zone) since i've been only using my typical beginner 6 brush set for about 3 years already lol.

An info graphic of all the 24 pcs of brushes for those of you who can't remember their names by heart a.k.a. ME lol. Sorry man, remembering stuff isn't my thing right now because i can barely even remember to speak basic Japanese anymore *sobs*

My Favorite Pick from Maxora: 

Contour Kit from Maxora!
Get this kit HERE

Just as my cream contour stick from Japan finished, i was left feeling "empty" without being able to contour my face for about a few weeks now lol, going back to basics again it feels so different because before liquid and cream sticks type of contours there was only powder available that's how i first started experimenting on which application flatters my face shape most as i have a square+ round face. Like every girl i wish i had one of those surgery sharp template faces but sorry no cash to do such procedure so i settled for contouring instead and at least i have the flexibility to modify my features as i like. I can look Asian or Caucasian with the right amount of contouring and make up style of course :-P

So if you have yet to explore contouring my best advise is to start with powder as it is easy to build up and control compared to cream and liquid type.

After watching my video, if you are keen to purchase this palette you can head over to to get it (pssst: at 50% off too, so make sure to watch the video if you have not!)
Time to restock all your beauty supply from Maxora if you have yet to do so for this year as they are one of the participating brands from #MYCYBERSALE happening very soon. For every new sign up on Maxora you are entitled for RM5 off your first purchase, so make an account with them and start adding stuff to your wishlist cart!

Bookmark your calendars and Happy Shopping!



  1. i've noticed your contouring that accentuates your facial features very well. personally not so good with it and also don't use all those brushes except the beauty blenders which are amazing.

  2. Ahhh i missed out on the sale. But i have to say that im in need of a contouring kit. Gonna check them out since you say that theyre pretty good. :D

  3. Really need to learn a lot from you in beauty side as I'm totally a noobie in this though I cosplay as well. <3.<3


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