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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years before becoming a mom of 2 beautiful girls and i love sharing about Beauty, fashion and everything about Japan because i'm currently based in Kyoto!
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Mikali Cafe Coming Soon!

Just a quick update as i've been neglecting my blog when i am supposed to be updating it at least 3 times a week >.<
Sometimes i am such a perfectionist that i'll make sure that photos and contents are up to my standards before going live and that isn't easy since i can never be satisfied lol. People do ask why i do this to myself, maybe i should cut myself some slack but how else does one improve if they aren't pushing themselves right?
Not too long ago, was invited to the soft launch of Mikali Cafe which is due to be officially launched around November once their kitchen renovations are done. But for the time being they are still operating like normal, just some food items on the menu are unavailable.

It's one of the rarest cafes you will find in town as it's made to be kids and breast-feeding friendly environment so mothers can feed their children at ease without getting judgmental stares from the public. So if you are going to be a pain in the ass in this cafe, kindly refrain from visiting as we do not need you to harass mothers and children with your pathetic mindset/ ideals.

Breastfeeding room with hand painted murals by the owners themselves!

Sadly in Malaysia, just like other parts of the world seem to look down on public breastfeeding which doesn't make any sense as it's basically a baby having its meal just like how we walk down the street stuffing our face on a sandwich. So why discriminate?
Pretty sure some of you have seen postings of outrageous reactions by certain extremist during Ramadan period earlier this year when it came to a mother breastfeeding her child, pretty ridiculous if you asked me because everyone one of us were sucking on our own mom's tits at one point of our lives so who are we to comment on other mothers who are just doing the same for their child.

Lol, sounded like an unintentional rant post pulak! Sorry :-P
I've wrote about Mikali Store once, introducing their online services when i first came across them by chance during my first baby expo visit this year. You can find the blogpost here: MIKALI STORE- A MOTHER'S LIFESAVER ONLINE STORE
Now they are expanding their services into the F&B line, that's a real milestone for the hardworking new parents who first founded this brand together with an goal to make life simple and convenient for all parents.
Don't miss out their ongoing October sales for branded organic baby products (Buds Organics), valid till while stocks lasts. Visit their sale album here.

Might not be around during November, so would like to wish Mikali Cafe an advance congratulations once again! Looking forward to bring lil parasite on tea dates at the cafe someday, any mothers here want to join me as well? :D

11, Jalan Dagang SD 2/1g, 
Bandar Sri Damansara, 
52200 Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Malaysia


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