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If you are in for an adventure paired with lengthy, quirky, brutal honest thoughts then you are in the right place my friend.

My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years before becoming a mom of 2 beautiful girls and i love sharing about Beauty, fashion and everything about Japan because i'm currently based in Kyoto!
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Mommy Baby Collection available on

My prediction came true lol, updating my blog so often on mommy and baby products seems to be a norm at the moment so i am probably gonna make this a permanent section in my blog already which will eventually turn into a parenting one after #mylilparasite is older.

Trying hard to imagine myself with parenting, just leaves my mind in a blank just like when i first found out about my pregnancy lol so i am just gonna say "go with the flow". Even my own mom admit that she didn't do such a good job bringing her kids up because her method of keeping us occupied wasn't reading or playing with us but dumping us infront of the TV while she does her chores lol. That's where all 5 of us developed the liking towards TV shows, dramas and movies to the point my older sis teaches in an English drama school meanwhile my youngest sister is such a drama queen who practically memorized every single cartoon line she has watched (scary), while the 2nd to the 4th prefers to perform on stage/ in front of the camera though we constantly say camera shy (konon lol). See ma? You weren't too bad yourself, at least your kids developed something useful from watching TV alone lol

Huge surprise that came in the mail box, not a sight you get everyday.

So back to my main topic of the day which is to introduce to you guys's new section of products which caters to mommies and babies! They are finally expanding to not only meet the beauty needs of young girls but also to millennial mothers such as myself who strongly relies on the internet to get things done because we are just lazy that way lol.
But lazy doesn't sound like a nice word just like how we replace the word "cheap" with "affordable", so i'm gonna replace "lazy" with "efficient" XD

The funny thing is as much as i only use imported beauty brands mainly from Korea and Japan, it never occurred to me that i will be doing the same for baby products as well. Seems that most parents prefer to use imported brands compared to local ones as it has more reputable reviews despite it being difficult to obtain at some point but now there are some websites that actually brings in these few specific baby friendly brands since they are well sought after in the local market meanwhile some offers ordering proxy services like
Comparing prices of ready stocks and ordering directly, most definitely cutting off the middle person allows you to save more that is why i prefer to shop directly from the source and Althea provides me with that platform to do so keeping my costs as low as possible.

Moonic collection from Althea, consist of  Body oil, Soap bath and Moisturizing Balm

Though the choices of product listings for Althea's mommy and baby products are still little, but they are sourcing and slowly adding in more stuff to curate to every mommy's needs, so if you have any Korean mommy/ baby beauty or skincare brands that you would like to see on that section of Althea, do suggest to them and who knows you might get your wish come true!

I am not really familiar with this section yet as i am still exploring, so gotta do more research to see what other safe/ reliable baby brands that i can recommend to my readers as well.
Picking a safe product to use, sure is difficult especially when you have a fragile human being to think off before yourself because the first person that would have a severe reaction is the baby and not you. Worst part is when the baby is unable to tell you that he/she is not feeling well, keeping mothers on their feet 24/7 trying to figure out what is wrong, so better to do lots of research before purchasing (even if it's on impulse)!

How many of you guys have heard of this brand called MOONIC?

Moonic Cure Balm
Organic Jojoba Oil and Chamaecyparis Oil, known for soothing and hydration effects, create a layer of moisture on lips and any dried or damaged skin enhancing a moist and healthy condition.

Can be used for:
  • Dry lips 
  • Damaged skin
  • Erubescent faces from cold wind
  • Irritated skin from insect bites
  • Dry scalp and hair
  • Dead skin cell on elbows and knees
  • Cuticles from fingertips

From the information obtain from this brand during my research, it's apparently one of Korea's recommended baby skincare brands (found in over 70 department stores in Korea!) that uses natural plant extracts as its main ingredient making it gentle and natural as possible. 5 of the main plant extracts found in Moonic products are Cornus Kousa/ Rosa Multiflora/ Torreya Nucifera/ Musa Basjoo/ Chloranthus Blaber and guarantees that it contains no artificial additives like synthetic preservatives, ethanol, mineral oil, or synthetic perfumes.

Mostly Moonic products are made for moisturizing and soothing purposes as we all know baby skin is easily prone to dryness and rashes due to weather conditions or even caused by diapers/ clothes.

Though there isn't much reviews online to support this brand's marketing claims and effectiveness, or maybe there is but not surprised if its all in Korean lol but i am determine to give it a try on myself first before using it on lil parasite. Make sure to stay tuned for the review blogpost on these products by subscribing to my blog!

Well this has lavender essential oil in it, might most probably use this on myself instead of the baby lol! I would most definitely need this "therapeutic bath" session with that pooping machine on the loose.

You can purchase these products on Althea's website:
Also by using my link, you are entitled to discounts up to RM35 off on your first purchase! So sign up here: ARISAxALTHEA

Althea Turns 1!
I know this appreciation post is long overdue since these photos is just sitting in my pending blogpost box screaming "publish me damn it!"
Okay, better to do it now then waiting for another couple more months or eventually never at some point lol. But for Althea, it's definitely a must publish because it feels like family already being part of the community since it first established itself as a young seedling that eventually grown into such a humongous bean stalk branching out to many other countries aside from just Malaysia.
Thank you so much for inviting me to your first ever birthday bash Althea Malaysia! Looking forward to more birthday celebrations to come, it's always nice seeing a brand's growth in such a short period of time.

Had fun catching up with other girls from the butterfly community, if it weren't for Butterfly Malaysia i definitely wouldn't have known Althea website or the girl-friends i have made in this community. They have basically been the connecting bridge to all bloggers and brands, allowing us to grow as an individual while guiding us until we are ready to take our own flight.
If you are new to the blogging scene and would like to have a taste of your first review or event participation, make sure to follow The Butterfly Project on Facebook!

I'll most definitely give you a punch if you do not know who or what Althea is by now from all the trending postings on social media unless you are a hermit who has no internet access la lol, but for the sake of new readers i give face ok? lol wtf.
You can read about my previous Althea shopping experience/ review on the link below:

To sum things up, it's basically your one stop portal to stock up on your favorite Korean cosmetic and skincare brands at affordable prices that can't be found elsewhere. So instead of wasting your travel luggage space and risking of it being overweight, might as well buy them online (since almost the same price as purchasing in Korea itself) and get them delivered to your doorstep! Less hassle and you got more space to shop for other stuff while in Korea :-P

Think this was like 6 months into my pregnancy and there was still barely any bump there lol

Hello Carmen and her friend, nice seeing you gals again!

The KL gang + ex KL member (me) lol
Love you crazy girls!

Just wanted to spam more dessert pictures.



  1. Awwwhhh.. Your like a family to us to Arisa. Much love from Althea <3

  2. i always want to try to use ALTHEA.KR! Thanks for sharing! (love your style)

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  6. I didn't know about Althea until the day Tammy promote it. I bought some of my cosmetics stuff there and I instantly fall in love with them

  7. Wow, how Althea has grown. I remember the time when it was just launched and now it has expanded so much in just one year!

  8. You are amazing! You are so detailed when purchasing items especially since it has to do with your parasite. It's crazy how you coop up with all of these...

    and my views on Althea is the same as yours, in a way I did stop buying from local stores and went to Althea whenever I felt like I need some beauty products..

  9. Wish I had all these amazing brands to play around when I had my last mini me... but no... had to just stick to the generic boring ones... your lil parasite is sure one helluva blessed child....

  10. mommy baby? wow, perfect for you.. i can just imagine in the close future, you'll be enjoying makeup with your daughter together :D.

  11. mommies and babies range from Althea seems nice. will share with my pregnant friends about it

  12. Those Cupcakes!!! Yummy...I agree with you when you say go with the flow. Parenting should come naturally and it's a learning process.

  13. Althea is a very useful platform for all mummies to be to get all the necessary! will sure recommend friends! :D

  14. I used to buy thing from althea, i really love when it's come with really nice box. hehe

    i love the photobooth, look's like you in althea box. hehehe

  15. There are more choices on Althea now! I am glad they extend it till the mom baby collection. I gonna ask my cousin sister to check it out.

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  17. always love your style!!!!should check out this website!

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  20. Ngaw, miss you babe! See you soon kays xx

  21. Owh.. looks like my personal issue is solve. Should get myself the Moonic Cure Balm since I do have dry lips lately :0


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