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My #SarapanDutchLady 7 Days Challenge- Milk Benefits

Got Milk people?
Pretty sure all lactating moms would give me the eye roll with that line lol, it's supposed to be a joke but might come across offensive to some (Malaysians are so touchy!).
How many of you actually drink milk on a daily basis as a grown adult, starting from your early years of course. Not many right? Most people will somehow outgrow that phase once they leave for higher education and some will magically develop and intolerance towards dairy. Don't worry, it's a common Asian thing to be lactose intolerant by the way, gluten allergy not so much compared to dairy as i am one of those unlucky ones to get it at the age of 6 onwards.
I remember my mom forcing me to drink milk everyday when i was younger but soon couldn't stomach it once i started pre-school, and i am talking about those powdered milk you get off the shelves, not the fresh liquid ones as those are considered more expensive especially since my family is a big one as well so the cost isn't too ideal.

Day 7 of finishing the challenge! Yay!

But what i did not know is despite being lactose intolerant, you can actually still take in milk if you slowly build your immunity towards it and your stomach is able to digest this better than a bowl of rice. So there is no excuse for one to skip milk entirely when calcium intake is considered an essential for the body regardless of age. 

My story with dairy started when i tried to be "healthier" which later turned into a crazy ass obssesion of wanting to super duper healthy to the point i cut off essential oils and fats causing my body to shut down after being underweight. I wasn't too fond of dairy because it made it visit the loo often with soft stools (sorry too much info lol) just like every lactose intolerant person. There are some cases of people puking after consuming, but i do believe it's all in the head. Heard of placebo effect?
If you keep on thinking that you'll puke after drinking, then your body will react to the message send out by your brain hence you WILL puke.
But if you do tell yourself that you can do it, starting with baby steps overcoming this mental reaction is possible like how i did!

Always start with small portions and slowly build it over time, don't try to be a hero and chug down one whole box if you are not used to it. Lol.

Calcium can be actually gotten from various sources aside from milk alone, none contains more nutrients as proper milk (not substitutes) as it is rich in nutrients essential for human health, including Vitamins A, D, and B12, minerals such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, and protein. 
In a box of 200ml milk, it is enough to feed your body's daily nutritional needs without worrying whether you are getting enough from food alone. Doesn't that make life so much easier, not saying that you should ditch your food and only drink milk but it's a bonus to have it in your diet.

Having them pre packed like these is easy for busy people on the go like me, you'll usaully see me drinking this in the lift or driving (not advisable lol unless you are like me who can multitask like a pro). That's why i choose to have a stash of dutch lady box milk at home to i can have it anytime and anywhere!

Being a mom to be isn't easy especially when you got a busy schedule like mine and always on the run with tendency to forget having breakfast which isn't a good thing as my baby needs food to grow. So taking up this challenge did encourage me to have my breakfast everyday which i have miraculously done so for the past 7 days and has now turned into a habit (yay!). Gotta keep the momentum going or else it will just slip my mind like everything else, i blame the pregnancy brain for that lol not my laziness.

Not to mention that #MylilParasite loves milk to bits! I can feel her kicking everytime after drinking milk, guess that's a good response or if she hates it haha that i wouldn't know. Hopefully she's cool with milk or else i'll have a headache when it comes to feeding her next time. Don't do this to me please lil parasite! T_T
My pregnancy has also thought me many things like how it's crucial for me to have sufficient amount of milk intake for lil parasite's bone growth, so far she's healthy and getting fatter everyday but i do hope she doesn't put on too much weight or else i will have a hard time pushing her out lol. How i wish milk makes labor so much easier but no such thing la! XD
Speaking of milk do you guys know the difference of Full cream and lowfat milk?

Full cream doesn't mean it will make you extra fat, to be honest that was my initial belief of full cream milk la as a paranoid weight freak. After reading up that full cream is richer in nutrients and also in calories, it is recommended for people who don't take in too much dairy products (cheese, yogurt, etc) in a day compared to low fat milk. And the fats you find in full cream are the GOOD FATS that your body needs, so it's important to differentiate between good and bad fats.
Think my lil parasite is fat enough so gotta cut down on the full cream milk lol, just kidding!

There's so many ways you can enjoy our milk every morning, it just takes an extra 20-30 minutes (i know sleep is more important, because i agree too lol) to prepare a hearty breakkie that would keep your appetite in check before lunch time, studies has also proven that people who eat a heart healthy breakfast are most likely to gain less weight or binge on snacks before their next meal. So don't skip your breakfast people!

If a lazy ass pregnant lady like me can do it, what's your excuse eh?

Check out my other breakfast ideas below to get an idea on how you can make your breakfast session a more enjoyable one paired with the goodness of Dutchlady milk!
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Kickstart this healthy habit today and don't forget to tag me on your efforts! Everything has its rewards, for this your body will thank you on the long run :)
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Hate Oats? 
Add in fresh fruits for some taste or even honey if it's still too bland!

Extra dose of calcium and potassium!

See i am such a pro at latte art (cheat ver.) lol.


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  1. memang kena minum susu la kan.. densiti tulang makin hari makin menyusut.. risau osteoporosis jek.. hee~ 40% wanita yang berusia 30 tahun keatas menghidap maslaah osteoporosis tau.. jadi.. minum lah susu.. sebba.. skearang ni ade jugak awal 20-an masalah reput tulang..

    jaga kesihatan ya !!


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