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Being A Painter with B&SOAP

I had a dream once to be a painter just like Leonardo Da Vinci till i realised that it's something i do not have talent in lol, it was very obvious that i could sketch, sew or write nonsense (like my blog) but painting was never one of my talents. But i did try at one point of time back in art school and one of my college assignments, that was when i realised that i wasn't cut out for it and i should stop trying in something i couldn't excel in as we all know art is a given talent at birth and nurtured till it's ripe, not something one can just pick out of the books (especially creativity).

But this post today isn't actually about my studies or talents, more of something i've recently discovered that sparked up these dusty thoughts of mine. You too would raise an eyebrow wondering if i am still in a sane state of mind after reading this post because i am going to reveal today a special kind of paint that you can use on your face (not face paint like clowns) for pampering purposes.

We've seen many beauty masks being painted on these days compared to sheet masks which was a trend once but how often do you come across a face mask that comes in an unusual packaging that mimics an actual watercolor. It's like if you want to get your artsy fartsy friends to finally start taking care of their skin, you can trick them into giving this set as a gift lol, i'm sure at first glance they'll think it's an actual paint set but after reading the manual they'll definitely give you the glare for the subtle hint 😂

Genius actually. 

As a prank
for people who are easily amused like me lol.

But then again it's fun to have something different in my skincare collection, unlike the usual pots sitting on my toilet shelf which looks rather boring after awhile but these i can play with and at the same time enjoy its benefits.

Challenge accepted and failed 😂😂

At least i've tried lol and more reasons for me to invest in a ring light to shoot during night time instead of relying on my ISO, aperture and exposure, making the video look so grainy :-/

Purpose of each color

There's actually a purpose behind each color, it isn't made colorful just for the sake of packaging purposes (it was creative no doubt) initially i thought they were merely average masks with all the same function such as moisturizing but after doing a little bit more research on it, i realised that it was made to target specific troubled areas of the skin.

  • White - Moisturizing
  • Yellow - Nourishing
  • Green - Soothing
  • Red - Revitalizing
  • Black - Pore Care

As mentioned somewhere along the lines above that NOT ALL masks do that, they are usually made for one specific problem for example this mask is for sebum control so you can only use that whole large jar for your T-zone that's oily and not for other parts of the face because it's sensitive and can cause it to dry out and flake terribly.
So my problem was that i could never finish using a product before it's due (most of them have 6-12 months expiration date upon opening) and i came to realised how many products i was throwing out every year that still contains about 50-60%, such a waste right?
But i would not risk using an expired product on my sensitive skin because it would definitely cost more to visit a dermatologist after that if there's any unusual reaction, ugh.

Save Time & Money

Imagine for each part of my face i have to go hunt various kind of products to suit it and most products don't mix very well together (even from the same brand) if i were to use it on my face at the same time due to it's different chemical compounds. This prolongs my pampering regime in a day like i have to remove from one mask after another just to apply a new one for other areas or split them up over the span of several days, sounds so mafan sia..that's one of the MAJOR reasons why i can't be bothered that much with pampering sessions unless i have the time (usually not lel).
But now with B & Soap's new face mask paint palette, it allows me to select which area i want to target and just use the necessary color for it but if i feel like playing, mixing it to create new colors it isn't a problem as well because i've tried and my skin was still fine.

It's like creating your own 5-in-1 benefits kind of mask + creativity:P

Perfect sized products, lesser waste

I Guess B&Soap heard our cries and created this palette, a total godsent because now we can have various kind of masks all in one box in reasonable sizes too, to avoid any unnecessary wastage and at the same time it allows us to unleash our creativity!
Each masking session doesn't have to be a dull chore anymore, now i really do look forward to create other kinds of looks with my palette.
My only feedback on the product was i wish they had all the primary colors instead, so it's easier for us to mix and achieve other secondary colors as we please, more freedom that way lol. But all's good, so far they've gotten the basic essentials covered but who knows if they do release version 2.0 there would be more colors just for the fun of it.

You can get this pack from Althea Korea at only RM63 instead of RM119 (that's 47% off!), click here to purchase: B& SOAP Coloring Paint Pack
Thank you Althea Korea, Malaysia for sending me this palette to try out, i really enjoyed my pampering session this time :)
You can rely on Althea for all your Korean beauty and skincare needs at an affordable price, been restocking most of my make up products from them because i can at least get a guaranteed on its authenticity and save a ton too!

Althea Korea


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