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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years before becoming a mom of 2 beautiful girls and i love sharing about Beauty, fashion and everything about Japan because i'm currently based in Kyoto!
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LilParasiteTales | お父さん (Father)

I truly want to believe that you would have changed for the better but i doubt so because a tiger can't change its stripes that it was born with, and to save everyone else the heartbreak and pain i went through i would like to finally share with everyone the asshole of an existence you are. Also to finally answer everyone's question on "who's Arisa's ex" , yes i'm quite aware of the amount of people searching for that information online since it actually made it to google suggestions earlier this year.

Your 1st dan Grading

AMG' 09
I really wished it was either you or me that should have died instead of Mariko,
she had a whole future ahead of her.

Someone sent me this back in Feb/ March

This is the only part of my life i've tried my hardest to keep away from social media, leave no evidence of your existence because i tried to respect your privacy (but why bother anymore) but i'm truly heartbroken till this very day on how you ABANDONED your own daughter, treated her like she never existed and never once apologized to her for what you have failed to do. Be a father to her.

You didn't even bother to pay her any last respects, she was still your own flesh and blood at the end of the day instead you can go on dating and fucking other girls, showing them off as your new trophy like what you did to me when we first started going out (i can't believe you actually paraded me around as such). The reason you date is for your own ego beneficial gain, it's not like you actually care for the person sincerely because when that spark ends and you have nothing else to boast about the girl you'll just leave them hanging long enough to go mad and dump us later.

As you first partner i could never understood why you did the things you did, walked away and wash your hands from everything like we never existed. I understand what is moving on which i'm still struggling with after almost 2 years because i loved you that much, so much that i was willing to sacrifice everything as long i could be the girl you wanted and can be proud with. That was my biggest foolish mistake.
Giving in to a man who will never appreciate a woman because of his upbringing and influence that women are meant to be wooed, used for pleasure and discarded afterwards.

I'm truly disappointed with you Kuzuryu (Awyong), even after so long i still feel the lingering pain that constantly eats me up from inside.
Just know that this post shall stay here to serve as a reminder to me and the rest of the world what kind of asshole scumbag you are, the lowest of all human existence.
I will never be able to completely forgive you until you sincerely apologize and mend all the hurt you have caused us (myself, our families & our old friends), I've said my part during our parting and i'm waiting for you to do the same even if i have to wait till my deathbed or else i'll never allow this to rest and I've already endured more pain than anyone should endured in a life time because of you.

You think it's easy dealing all this alone? 
Patiently waiting for 9 months to see our daughter briefly before a cruel twisted fate took its course, you probably won't understand a single jack shit until you experienced it in your own arms. We'll leave that to karma when the time comes.

You owe our daughter, Mariko more than just an apology.

But you know what, screw you Kuzuryu. I'm tired of people telling me i deserve someone better and not an asshole like you, the man whom i gave my all to but eventually walked away and now in the arms of another woman just like that.
No woman in a right mind would even consider bearing a child of a man like you (yes i wasn't in the right mind in the first place) because first of all you are genetically flawed, (having an offspring with you is risky) with arrogance that knows no boundaries and shall i go on?

Hearing of your name makes my heart ache every single time, seeing our daughter's picture makes it even worst. Only God can help me find peace with you at this point, but i really hope you do die soon, and do society a huge favor- don't ever bother breeding more useless people like yourself, get a vasectomy or something.

P/s: Yes Minori you may be so desperate enough for a partner to even date a man like him or maybe he left of out the details of how he abandoned his own child. But i wish the both of you the best in whatever you 2 are doing. We are in a small circle where everyone knows each other, so tell your new boyfriend to thread his waters carefully. And please don't bother adding me on my account because i don't want to have anything to do with you either. 

A tired & weary soul,


  1. Take care and will always hope for the best coming for you ^^

  2. Take care and will always hope for the best coming for you ^^

  3. I am following your story silently and understand that you have lots of pain to go through... I am so sorry for your lost but please take good care of yourself.

    Please believe that you are an inspiration to a lot of people out there. The best always comes to those who fights for it and I know you are one of them.


  4. i know its easy to say, but holding on to it is just poison to yourself... its good that u've been able to come public with it and let it out... but to hold the poison down to ur grave.......

    stil, wish u the best always... god bless :)

  5. I dont know what i should say to comfort u cz i know ur pain is too deep and maybe theres nothing in the world can make u feel better except God
    But i wanna tell u since im a human
    U re such very great not knowing u in person but i know u from this internet.
    U act really pridefull and wise.To be honest if im in ur position maybe i can handlle it as calm and mature as u
    U live through all this pain and u brave to face it all
    I know ure shaking in sorrow and hurt by the pain.But u still raise ur courage and keep moving forward
    Theres no word can describe how i now really pray with all my heart for ur happiness
    Ure not just a light
    U re the sun
    And ur light will never can be down for u but do it for Mariko
    Please be happy for her.Im sure if Mariko can talk now,she will tell u yo be happy
    And please remember...whenever u feels sad,theres a lots peoples like me who know u in person or soscial media that support u 1000%
    We love u from the bottom of our heart

  6. I really don't know what else to say...but what I do know is that the wheel of life keeps rolling...on and on...sometimes you are up ..sometimes you are never stops...but you know what Arisa...

    Someday u will be on top....that day will come to you eventually...

    I am always on your side Arisa...just like others do..


  7. Arisa, if you're still dealing with this please do seek counselling or even therapy. Because the person you were in a relationship with was most likely a narcissist. The way he love bombed you and devalued you in the long term really suggests he is one. Narcissists also do not feel remorse and lacks empathy which is why he had no problems commiting infidelity. Please do gain knowledge about this on YouTube as it can really help your healing process and help you realise that people like that are really full of issues.

    God bless you with your future!

  8. How is he genetically flawed?

  9. I can't believe you even dated someone like him (lmao his nick is kuzuryu? what a weeb haha)... rest in peace sweet angel mariko, you deserved better


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