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Relaunch of IPC Shopping Centre

You have no idea how excited i was over a toilet picture when a friend of mine posted the newly revamped toilet in IPC shopping centre lol. I mean how can you not wei because it's in teal, such pastel-ness makes any girl want to just take an #ootd shot in there and i'm not surprised if there's tons of people entering the toilet not to use it but to "model" in it haha.

Great choice of colors IPC!

Can't even believe this was the same IPC i used to visit frequently with my daughter just last year before they partially closed it down for upgrading purposes. Just recently the first phase of IPC's upgrading project has just been completed and that is Foodland section located at LG1. Previously this whole stretch used to be the “food court”area, but don't worry because their popular tenants like Uncle Lim’s, De Irrfan’s Café, and Noodle Shack are now back full force alongside with other new tenants like tenants such as AEON Wellness and Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul; Ben’s Independent Grocer (coming soon).


Noodle Shack
Traditional soup hand torn noodle, really yummy!

MyeongDong Toppoki
Nasi lemak toppoki
It's like eating mochi (rice cakes) with sambal lol.

Have your pick, there's tons to choose from Foodland IPC Shopping Centre!

I'm happiest with the news of Ben’s Independent Grocer opening near to my place because previously I used to drive all the way to publika just to get imported groceries (like Japanese peaches) and the toll both ways is kinda painful (RM6 yo). Right now it’s just walking distance from my place, after hearing this news i'm seriously reluctant to even move right now with the area growing more and more convenient each passing day.

Though their construction works have been going on for almost 8 months now, tenants like Spotlight (my fav fabric store) and Ace hardware has been operating as usual, of course IKEA as well. Think my favourite place to shop is either furniture, fabrics or groceries, definitely signs of growing old because my shopping interests are shifting drastically liao lol.

In LG1 there's also a florist store (Bloom The Floral Shop) that you guys should visit too, they have tons of beautiful fresh imported flowers, and i got my Japanese roses here!

IPC has always been a kid friendly place in my books from the fully equipped baby changing/ breastfeeding rooms to the playground area on their topmost floor (used to be). Part of their plan is to fully convert their Level 2 into an all-new kids’ play area called Funland! So kids can also have their own fun in the mall instead of just being bored tagging along window shopping, also heard that they will be opening Young Chefs Academy's 2nd branch here!
It's a fun and creative cooking classes for kids which i don't mind joining too if they accept adult students during intake lol.

Did i mentioned that their new women's carpark has much more lots as well? 2 full rows lined up near the entrance of each level, these lots are marked pink with a security guard posted nearby for safety purposes and also to make sure the lots usage doesn't get abused. Really wish they had this implemented much earlier but nonetheless i'm grateful that it's near the door so i can easily dump my groceries in and continue shopping 😂

IPC is known for their go green policy by practicing recycling within their vicinity and offering a recycling lot for customers to drop off their recyclables. Previously it was just a small area at the carpark but now it has been made into a proper recycling centre painted green with clear indicators that you can't miss.

It's a good habit to recycle, so if you have yet to start separating your trash in your household and bring them over to your nearest recycle centre it's never too late start now! Do mother earth a small favor by being a responsible human being :)

 Not sure how to use them properly? 
The icons will help you out, you can't get any of them wrong

When you have a bad day and take the phrase "i feel like trash" to a whole new level


We know even humans are considered recyclable organic compost but please refrain from dumping yourself in here k? 😂 IPC does not accept human remains whether alive or dead, strictly only for objects like papers, cardboard, glass, plastic and aluminium lol.

That's all my update for IPC's phase 1 launch, can't wait to update more when the rest has been completed! For now i'm good with just the Foodland running, can come here to have my dinner.


I'm so excited to share with you guys the full video of the food challenge that I had 2 weeks ago, haha it’s been quite some time since I properly ate any Malaysian food let alone drank any teh Tarik, but I won’t share the results just yet, so make sure to follow IPC Shopping centre on their official Facebook page to find watch the video!

Guess who won and lost the food challenge?
Stay tuned to find our how Malaysian i am lol


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