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5 Useful Modern Nomad Home Tips

As you all know that i’ll be moving out from my currently place once my tenancy contract ends which is soon enough, though i was initially kinda reluctant at first to move because there are so many memories made under this roof over the past 2 years and believe it or not it’s the 2nd longest i’ve stayed put in a rented home aside from my first place during my college days.

Just imagine the baby room i’ve made for my daughter with all the IKEA stuff i bought, didn’t have the heart to even keep them aside except covered them with cloth until recently. It’s a fact i have to face, that is to start slowly moving on with life and also start packing the stuff in my house so when it time comes for me to move, i’ll just load them into the mover’s truck.

It really sucks that i constantly have to worry about where to stay next, will this roof over our heads will ever be permanent? Makes you wonder if you’ll ever find a home you’ll belong to seriously but i do try to look at it on a brighter side.
No commitments and i get to fresh new start after every 1-2 years (aside from the pack & unpacking hassle la) also one of the reasons why you don’t really see me buy new furniture/ decoration for my house :P

One of those things i can’t invest in because i rather buy 2nd hand use and throw/ donate it away when i have to move.
If you are in a similar situation as i am, constantly moving around, here are some useful Home decor tips to make your house look like a home even if it’s temporary!

1. Storage stools
There are many kind of these stools in the market these days that works as a quick storage solution for most housholds especially when they are expecting guests over. Just open the lid and chuck the stuff in but it also can be used to store your stuff like books/ magazines/ toys when you are about to move.

2. Boltless Racking

These types of racks are genius creations to be honest, they are super durable and no matter how many times they get assembled and disassembled, it will always still be the same sturdy rack at the end of the day without any issues of having loose bolts. You can use them to store your boxes, books or even put it in your kitchen as storage for all the pots and pans like how i’m using it now. In fact i have like 3 of these racks in my house right now lol, really useful!

3. Sofa beds
Spaces can be small for some studio apartments so we can’t afford to fit in a bed, so getting a foldable sofa bed is a good way to have both the sofa & bed at the same without wasting too much space. It’s small and way easier to move compared to a bed frame and a large bulky sofa to be honest. During the day when you have guest over, just fold your bed into a sofa and throw over a sofa cover.

4. Fairy Lights
Remember all those pinterest photos of people hanging fairy lights by their window curtains and watching it illuminate the rooms during nighttime? It just looks so cozy, and it’s actually very simple. Just use any christmas tree lighting wire and hang them along your curtain rod, let some parts fall against the curtain making it look like streams of lights when it illuminates. Doesn’t take up much space, easy to remove and store and makes your house look pinterest worthy.

5. Collapsable storage boxes (fabric types)

When you put them on the boltless racks, these boxes works as additional “drawer” which you can slide the box in and out whenever you need to get stuff. Makes everything look neat too being kept away inside the box. During the move you can just carry the boxes directly to the car/ truck without having to remove anything, and if you are not using the boxes it can be flattened and stored away for future use.

Hope you guys found my modern nomad home tips useful haha, it has made my life so much easier when it comes to packing and moving. But that doesn’t stop me from making this temporary roof over my head any less of a comfortable home :)


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