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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years before becoming a mom of 2 beautiful girls and i love sharing about Beauty, fashion and everything about Japan because i'm currently based in Kyoto!
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Lawana Zeltner by Mizzue

Being fashionable with Mizzue bags, for the longest time i've stalked this brand till the point even google algorithm picked up my interest and start spamming Mizzue banner ads all over my facebook feed lol guess what? Finally got not only 1 but 2 different types of bags from them for my upcoming travels and daily usage.

Their bags are designed with the purpose of not only being fashionable but functional as well, most bags in the market as you all know anything fashionable usually something is compromised especially its functionality so it's just there for decorative purposes. I for one, as fashion savvy person could never understand that part because what's the use of paying for expensive goods that doesn't serve my needs?
People in the industry usually tell me to cast that concern aside because it's all about "aesthetics", and never meant to be a brainer subject to begin with lol but i really do beg to differ.

Yes, some things may be nice to look at and own but at the end of the day i'm all about practicality and investment. That's why you'll always see with the the same kind of clothes/ bags/ shoes until they are worn to the bone or ready to retire.

You guys have been stalking my instagram for quite some time now and noticed that i've featured some of Mizzue bags and those who meet up with me would also see the same bag lol.
If you have missed the info on the bag i'm just gonna share the name here: Lawana Zeltner - Grey Blue (click to purchase)

It's now going for RM206, original price is RM295

Of all the bags tempting us on their website, why did this designed get picked?

It's really simple, a bag this spacious (from the inside at least), chic detailing all over and that color that matches easily with almost every outfit in your wardrobe. Straps that wide that doesn't eat into your shoulders and you can hand carry it alternatively depending on your preference.
Inside the bag was actually the overall deciding factor, you know how most bags are lined with dark fabric lining inside so that dirt doesn't show that easily? It's a good solution and prevention against stains but however it's so dark in there like anything that goes in won't see the light of day again.

I personally dislike those kind UNLESS no choice la, because of my tendency to carry so many stuff it is important for me to be always able to find my stuff easily out of the whole mess rather than spend hours digging inside a literal black hole (no pun intended lol).
Only those who carry alot of stuff would understand that frustration of having to put in your arm inside the bag but can never find what we are looking for because it's dark :-/

Lawana Zeltner 's lining is bright, colorful and filled with floral prints that immediately lights up your bag (and your mood) whenever you opened it.
So far i had quite a number of friends asking what brand is this because not everyday a bag looks attractive inside out.

The bag size easily fits a camera, an umbrella, make up bag and all the other knick knacks lol, so there you have it, now you know why i have an obsession with big bags. Not just for decorative purposes :-P
You guys can go check out more designs on their website:
and follow them on their social media platforms for the latest updates!

Bottom of the bag is black, to prevent it from staining if you like to put/dump your bag all over the place like me.
Oh, and my black heels finally died :'(

Find a women who carries a part of her home inside her bag because you'll never know when you'll need her help (like tissue for toilet lol)

Head over to their post here to participate!



  1. Dear Arisa, how long you have to wait to get Mizzue bag? I read a lot reviews and all of them are bad. I hace ordered mine recently and the review got me worry if I should cancel it.

  2. Hi Jenni, thanks for dropping by, mine took about 2 weeks because it was out of stock however I wasn't in a hurry to received it so I'm fine with waiting. If you have concerns about it I would suggest for you to email their customer service team to get a clarified delivery date on your order :)

    1. Dear Arisa, thanks for your superb fast respond. At least I know there is someone who get the bag in a short period of time. The reviews online really scared me at one point I thought I have just fallen into a scam lol. Am glad I found your blog and your responsive reply. Thank you so much Arisa. You have a wonderful blog. Keep writing dear.

    2. No worries dear, it's definitely not a scam :) just a matter of stock supply management problem on Mizzue's side. And your most welcome, hope you get your order soon 😂


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